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In this screenshot, each Moonstone represents a town, each Rune of Virtue a Shrine.
From the center, the Avatar can drop the Orb of the Moons on an item and open a moongate to the corresponding destination.

The Avatar should throw the Orb of the Moons a few tiles away from him/herself to create a Moongate to the desired destination.

In the table below, each cell equals one tile (or step).

The destinations highlighted in green are free of dangers from the beginning of the game.

Moonglow Shrine of Honesty Britain Shrine of Compassion Jhelom
Shrine of Humility Shrine of Control Castle Britannia Shrine of Passion Shrine of Valor
New Magincia - AVATAR - Yew
Shrine of Spirituality Investigation
(Gargoyle city)
Shrine of Diligence Shrine of the Codex Shrine of Justice
Skara Brae Shrine of Honor Trinsic Shrine of Sacrifice Minoc