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The last part of the map[edit | edit source]

Once you collected the eight pieces of the map, go back to Homer in Buccaneer's Den. Answer yes to all his questions, and he will give you not only the last part of the map, but also the final information about the pirate cave entrance.

The Pirate cave[edit | edit source]

Getting ready[edit | edit source]

Before getting into the Pirate Cave, you need a few items:

  • a shovel;
  • either the "Explosion" spell or a powder keg;
  • either the "Protection" spell or some purple potions.

Dungeon location[edit | edit source]

Find a large enough spot in Buccaneer's Den and combine the nine parts of the map. The result should be the following:

From the southmost shore of Buccaneer's Den, travel straight east until you reach the island of New Magincia. From there, travel straight south. Look for the three white stones and follow Homer's instructions: three steps south, nine steps west, twelve steps south, then dig.

Dungeon walkthrough[edit | edit source]

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  • Floor 1

The inscription on the tomb reads: "Here lies Captain Hawkins. He died a hard death and he deserved it". Examine (Look) the bones and collect some items.

Beware of narrow passages: use a purple potion (protection) on one character and send him solo scouting for any trap. The first sign is wrong, the following ones are trustworthy. Therefore, avoid "jumping to your death".

At the fork, go north then all the way east until you get to the ladder: this is a detour that allows to obtain an invisibility ring.

The subsequent useful ladder is all the way west. Any other ladder leads to an islet in the middle of a subterranean lake.

  • Floor 2 detour

From the north ladder, just go all the way east, then up the ladders. Beware of bear traps as before, then collect the ring.

The rest of the "floor 2 detour" has no useful items. You can see what would have happened if you "jumped to your death": a lava pit with dragons.

  • Floor 2

The westmost ladder from floor 1 leads to an islet connected to the mainland by a bridge. There is a passage to the south-west. A sign reads: "The maze of death". There are no traps, though. Hug one wall and you should soon find the only ladder down. Recommended route: past the sign, take the first branch north. When you can't go north anymore, go west as far as you can go; when your way is blocked, just curl north a few steps and around to the west: you will find the ladder down.

SNES differences

No gold nugget marks the correct hole down in the maze portion. From the sign, go west and hug the wall on your right; jump into the second hole you see.

The "Explosion" spell is ineffective against doors; you must use a powder keg.
  • Floor 3

The sign reads: ""Off limits". As on floor 1, any hole leads to a lava pit. The only exception is the hole with a gold nugget nearby.

The ladders down are actually the exit from the lava pit traps. Not only that, such area is infested by invisible demons.

  • Floor 4

After a long but featureless tunnel, you will get to an area with three poison fields. Ignore the first ones and the last ones: you can walk around them. Dispel the second field to reach the treasure of the pirates. Blast the door with an explosion spell and loot all the treasure.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Pirate cave item list
Rare items Useful items Weapons and armor Useless items
Floor 1 Green potion Pick, sextant, 2 meals (cheese, bread), 5 torches, 3 gems Main gauche, black shield, swamp boots Knife, ale, plate, mug
Floor 2 - - - -
Floor 2/1-B Invisibility ring - - -
Floor 3 - Gold nugget - -
Floor 4 Silver tablet, storm cloak, lightning wand, fire wand, 2 invisibility rings, magic fan 5 powder kegs, 3 gems, 3 torches, 6 lockpicks, meals (1 meat, 2 bread), 203 gold coins, 7 gold nuggets, 2 honey jars, 1 sextant, 1 pick, 1 cloth, Dagger, sword, 2 leather armors, spiked collar, magic bow, swamp boots, black shield, plate mail, 5 flasks of oil, magic helm, iron helm, curved heater Bucket, wooden shield, 5 bottles, plate, leather boots, bucket, pliers, hammer, candle, 3 candelabra.

As usual, sell the empty honey jars in Empath Abbey, sell the cloth in Paws, exchange the gold nuggets in Britain, sell any unused weapon and armor to the weapon dealers all over Britannia.

The magic fan changes the direction of the wind every time it is used. It is very useful to make your ship travel faster.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

You can definitely bring the storm cloak to Homer: you already own two, plus the lv.6 "Negate Magic" spell. Now that you have the second part of the silver tablet, it is time to go back to Mariah at the Lycaeum.

The pirate crew

Deceased pirates:
Captain Hawkins
Old Hawknose
Nathaniel Moorehead
the unnamed shipwrecked