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Here is a list of companions you can choose from:

  1. Iolo: This is the first party member you will see in the game. He will join you automatically when you first arrive in Trinsic. Old time Ultima players will remember him as the bard and one of the Avatar's faithful friends. He comes equipped with a crossbow and some bolts. Overall, he's a good member to have in your party.
  2. Spark: During your travels in Trinsic, you will meet a young boy named Spark . He is the son of the man whose murder you are investigating. Though young and weak at first, he is VERY trainable and will get strong quickly.
  3. Shamino: You will find Shamino in the Blue Boar in Britain. He also has your pocketwatch from your last adventure (Ultima 6) and will give it back to you when asked. He will gladly join your party. He's a decent character and quite well-rounded.
  4. Sentri: Another character from your past, Sentri is now a trainer in Britain who will join your party when asked. He is equipped with some nice stuff and has a store room with even more. If in your party, he will train you for free. He's another well-rounded character.
  5. Dupre: You'll find your old companion in the tavern in Jhelom. A good swordsman and a well-rounded character overall.
  6. Jaana: Can be found in Cove. She has healing powers that can resurrect allies, but will need to recharge her power after each attempt.
  7. Julia: A former companion of the Avatar, she can be found in Minoc working as a Tinker. She will not join if the Avatar has too many companions. However, the Avatar can drop one or two companions temporarily, have Julia join, then rejoin the remaining characters. She is quite weak and does not come with a proper backpack or bag to hold items.
  8. Tseramed: A skilled archer and woodsman located in the outskirts of Yew, he will not join the party if the Avatar says he is part of the Fellowship.
  9. Katrina: Living as a shepherd in northern New Magencia, Katrina is the weakest of all possible companions, even more so than Julia. She does not own a backpack or sack, so the Avatar needs to provide one.