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Main quest[edit]

If you have The Forge of Virtue installed there will be an earthquake just then, and Iolo suggests to ask Lord British about it.

When you arrive you'll talk to Iolo about the murders. The mayor arrives shortly after and explains some more about the murders. Agree to investigate, but say you haven't looked at the stables yet (which you likely haven't). Go into the stable and grab the key by the body. Also be sure to get the bag of golden goodies in the upper room. Pocket the bucket of blood if you want to have some fun later. Be sure to talk to Petre about the events.

Talk to the mayor about the key and he'll send you to Spark, the victim's son (100S, 4E). Ask about his nightmares and the people that appeared in them (a man with a hook and a wingless gargoyle). Agree to let him join the party. Use the key you found in the chest upstairs and grab the contents.

Now go to the healer's (112S, 2E) and talk to Gilberto, the guard standing there. Ask about the attack and the Crown Jewel, then talk to the other guard for more info. Gilberto tells you to ask Gargan about the ship, so go do that.

Gargan reveals it sailed to Britain but he doesn't know who was aboard. Go to the Fellowship Hall (108S, 10E) and talk to Klog about the murders and about Abraham and Elizabeth. Now talk to Gargan again and this time he will also mention Hook and the wingless gargoyle.

Now go and report to the mayor. He will ask a series of copy-protection questions:

Question Answer
What is the latitude of the northernmost point of the island Spektran? 120
What latitude runs through the center of Dagger Isle? 0
What latitude runs through the center of Skara Brae? 30
What latitude runs through the center of the Deep Forest? 60
What latitude runs through the center of Buccaneers Den? 60
What longtitude runs through the center of the island Buccaneers Den? 60
What longtitude runs through the center of Skara Brae? 60
What longtitude runs through the center of the island Terfin? 120

Once he's satisfied he'll give you the password that will allow you to leave Trinsic.


Instead of buying a sextant from Gargan, you can get one in the next town for a fraction of the price.

Before you leave you should go get some equipment. If you have the money you should buy Petre's carriage (parked just north of Trinsic), or if you're a bit short you might want to go buy some Swamp Boots. You don't really need them (even though Iolo says you do when you arrive) but if a party member steps on any green part of the swamp without them on he or she will get poisoned.

Side quests[edit]

If you hit the parrot in Spark's home with the gavel you'll be told of a secret treasure trove (169S, 28E). According to the map, these coordinates are at sea near Serpent's Hold.

In the arms dealer shop, look for an almost hidden switch behind the black buckler to open the otherwise inaccessible northern room. Nothing honest can be done there, though.

South of Trinsic is an "invisible" chest crammed full of magic gear. If you want to make the early stages of the game a little easier, go find it.


NOTE: you are NOT supposed to steal; if you keep doing it, your companions will eventually leave the party! Stealing is anyway unnecessary. You can find plenty of free equipment in Castle Britannia.

If you want role-play an un-virtuous "Avatar" unworthy of the name, head to the weapons shop and nick things when the shopkeeper's back is turned (or at nighttime). Look for an almost hidden switch behind the black buckler to open the otherwise inaccessible upper room. This is loaded with armour, arrows, and various weapons.

You can nick the Sextant from Gargan's crates (he's got plenty to spare), the other goodies are largely optional.

Before you leave[edit]

If you are using the Quests and Interactions mod, ask Finnigan about Trinsic and then about the Rune of Honor, thus initiating the Rune of Honor sidequest.

When you're ready head towards any gate and leave the town. Either tell the guard the password or just activate the chain to give it automatically. After this first time you can open or close any of Trinsic's gates without a guard challenging you. If you bought the carriage head NE from the gate to find it. If you didn't you'll have to walk. Anyway, head northwest.

On the way you'll come across a stage where some actors offer to perform a play for you in exchange for some small change. You can watch the play if you wish (it's optional); if you do you'll learn more about the Fellowship's teachings. Anyway, continue north to the swamp.

The next town you'll come to is Paws. You can solve some lesser mysteries there if you wish, but if you're intent on catching up with the murderers continue north until you reach Britain.