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Empath Abbey[edit]

  • Population: 11

Take the road that goes west from Britain and follow it all the way north. The cart tracks end in front of Empath Abbey in the town of the same name.

Main plot[edit]

Aimi and Taylor are currently the only two monks at the abbey. The man is the one who holds the information you need about the Wisps. He can be met in the afternoon and at night in the north-east room of the abbey. He will reveal where the Emps live, but he will also say that you need honey to approach the Emps. Anyway, he will add that honey can be found in the bee cave south of Empath Abbey.

Furthermore, Taylor will mention a monk who got lost; later, the party might meet him in Dungeon Despise (Shame).

Nicodemus will become important later.

Side quests[edit]

Talk to Reyna the healer, south-west of the abbey, and learn her story. Then, talk to Sister Aimi of the abbey and buy some flowers from her. Bring the flowers to Reyna, and from then on she will provide healing for half the price.

A third man named Kreg lives in the abbey. He pretends to be a monk, but Aimi and Taylor know nothing about him. If you visit the High Court (north-east of the abbey) and read the book on Judge Jeff 's table, you will learn more about Kreg. Go back to the abbey and confront him; he will attack you and you have to kill him. You can loot his body for two magic weapons, 19 ginseng and 19 garlic.


The mage Nicodemus lives south of the abbey. Like any other mage in Britannia, he went crazy, but he still sells spells, reagents and potions. You should definitely purchase the Dispel field spell from him.

Reyna is a healer; she lives south-west of the abbey.

Perrin lives further long the road, west of the abbey. He is a scholar, that is a trainer that improves intelligence. His price is rather low, but Jakher of Minoc is better still.

Best deals from Nicodemus Equally good deals from Rudyom and Nicodemus
  • Spidersilk (3 GC)
  • Nightshade (5 GC)
  • Mandrake root (5 GC)
  • Lv.1 Locate
  • Lv.1 Great ignite
  • Lv.2 Enchant
  • Lv.2 Protection
  • Lv.3 Swarm
  • Lv.5 Dispel field
  • Lv.5 Mass sleep
  • Lv.6 Fire ring
  • Lv.6 Tremor
  • Lv.7 Death bolt
  • Lv.8 Death vortex
  • Lv.8 Mass death
  • Lv.1 Detect trap
  • Lv.2 Destroy trap
  • Lv.3 Paralysis
  • Lv.3 Poison
  • Lv.5 Explosion
  • Lv.6 Poison field
  • Lv.7 Delayed blast
  • Lv.8 Summon
  • Black potion: 75 gold


Tiery the undertaker lives north-west of the abbey, near the graveyard. Only Perrin has any link to him.

Goth the jailer can be met in the High Court prison. The cells host two prisoners: D'Rel is a former pirate who hates Hook; Gharl is a troll. If you give some food to the troll, he will reveal that bridge trolls have a secret ally who speaks in their minds.

Forest town of Yew[edit]

  • Population: 7

It is easy to miss Yew on a first pass. All the buildings are a bit off the road. If you look closely at the in-game map, you can still see half a dozen tiny brown rectangles.

Main plot[edit]

A bit off the east side of the road are three houses. The northmost one belongs to Iolo and Gwenno. A note can be found, written by Gwenno and addressd to Iolo, anticipating Ultima 7.2: Serpent Isle. If you asked Iolo to leave the party, he can be met here.

On the west side of the road, you might notice the first of a series of light sources. If you follow this path, you will get to the home of Tseramed. You can recruit him; he is a pure fighter who will speak in specific circumstances.

South of Tseramed's hut you can meet Ben the woodcutter. He will become important later.

Side quests[edit]

East of Iolo's home is a stable hosting Smith, the talking horse. Following a tradition started in Ultima 5, he holds an important clue about the previous game. In this case, the clues are two: one about Ultima VI and one about the spin-off Martian Dreams.

Thad can be met in the forest south-east of Yew. He is the brother of Millie of Britain. Talk to him, then to her to learn the whole story.

A hidden ring of invisibility can be found near the town. Start from Tseramed's home and follow the coast until the beach ends against the cliff. The ring is hidden under a stone.

Free spawning reagents can be found west of Yew. Cross the bridge and follow the coast to the north-west. Eventually, you will reach some giant mushrooms; between them, you can pick several nightshade fungi. From this spot, get straight westwards until you will reach an area full of giant spiders and cobwebs; there, you can pick up plenty of spider silk.


Bradman and Penni are two trainers living in two houses to the east of the road.

Bee cave[edit]

  • Population: 2

The bee cave is between Empath Abbey and Yew. The entrance is just north of Tseramed's hut.

Two naked people live in the east branch of the cave. If you approach them without Tseramed in the party (and off screen), they will reveal their true identity.

Honey can be found at the west end of the cave. Bees are peaceful until you take the honey. Remember that Brother Taylor gave you a smoke bomb: if you use it the smoke bomb near the honey, you can take it with no danger of being attacked by the bees.

Deep Forest[edit]

  • Population: 5

North track[edit]

From Iolo's home to the Emp village

Starting from Iolo's home, walk east past the stable and continue following the track. The path is barely visible on the map that you carry in a backpack.

At the stone circle, pick up the magic shield and continue south (anyway, going north you will get to a hostile mage's camp, where you can loot some reagents and a lightning wand). Keep pressing east, and you will eventually see a blue-and-white tree that stands out: it is a silverleaf. Leave the track and you will reach the emp village.

The first Emp that you will meet is Salamon, an old female. She will talk about Emps culture and relay you to Trellek. Move around Salamon's shelter, and you should notice that there are more silverleaf trees to the south. Go that direction and you should meet an Emp couple, Trellek (husband) and Saralek (wife). Trellek is able to speak with the wisps, but his wife refuses to let him join the party, unless Salamon will agree. Go back north to the old Emp, and this time she will give you a task: go back to Yew and talk to Ben the woodcutter, who lives south of Tseramed's hut, near the sea.

The Emp village continues further to the south, where you can meet yet another Emp, Tavenor (male). He has no plot relevence.

When you come back with ben's signature, Salamon will agree to join you, but Saralek will still refuse, and offer an alternative solution. Then, Trellek will give you a whistle that allows to speak with the Wisps.

Also, Trellek provides the solution for a side-quest started in Cove. He knows the fate of Julius, the father of Nastassia If you go back to Cove and talk to her, you will earn 50 experience points.

South track[edit]

From Bradman's home to Kanos tower

The south track leads directly to the tower. According to one of the books found inside, this building is called Kanos.

Use the whistle, and a Wisp will approach and accept to talk. In short, Xorinia (the whole entity known as "the wisps") asks for Alagner's notebook found in New Magincia in exchange for the information about the Time Lord.

Next stops[edit]

Before sailing towards New Magincia, remember to visit Cove and tell Nastassia about her father Julius.