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Dungeon Wrong is in the wilderness across Last Hope Bay, in front of the town of Minoc. You will probably access it by walking around Stonegate swamp towards the north-west, and thus you will reach the southern part first.

Entrances to Dungeon Wrong

North dungeon Wrong[edit]

  • Loot:
    • Cyclops cell (E): 1 food (ribs), plate armour, backpack with 9 gold coins
    • South-east cell: bag with yellow potion and 27 gold coins.
    • South bedroom: 2 red potions, 1 orange potion, 2 black potions, 3 green potions, 1 sulfur ash, 5 blood moss, chest (1 blue potion, 2 black pearls, 2 garlics).
    • Troll cell (SW): 4 food (mutton), backpack (2H axe, 2 gold nuggets, 2 torches).
    • Charred corpse cell (center): gold nugget, mace, leather helm, leather gloves, wooden shield, leather boots.
    • White corpse cell (center): backpack with 3 food (1 mutton and 2 fish)
    • Corpses in central corridor: scale armour, wooden shield, chain coif, leather helm, gorget, kidney belt, gauntlets, curved shield, bow, 11 arrows, 2H sword, backpack (2 torches, 2 sulfur ash, 2 black pearls, mandrake)

Straight south from the entrance of North Wrong is an altar in the forest, where a human sacrifice was performed and the equipment of the victim scattered all around.

  • Forest altar: sword, dagger, antique armour, gorget, curved shield, leather boots, magic leggings.

South dungeon Wrong[edit]

  • Loot:
    • West cell: backpack (empty), chain coif, chain armour, chain leggings, curved shield, morning star, 2 food (cheese, beef),
    • Magic lock E cell: orange potion, black potion, blue potion, 2 red potions, 2 green potion, backpack (3 nightshades, 3 black pearls, 5 spidersilk, 1 blood moss), box (great dagger).
    • Lich's chest: 77 gold coins
    • South-west cross: club, leather helm, wooden shield, 3 arrows, 1 powder keg, 1 torch

South-east dungeon[edit]

See Stonegate dungeon.