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Joining the Fellowship is completely optional. It is quite obvious that they are the bad guys. Furthermore, you need either to join the Fellowship or get the magic carpet (Rudyom of Cove spoke about it); the latter is easier and far more useful.

From Britain to Minoc[edit]

The Fellowship Hall in Britain is on the west side of Noble Road, just south of the Royal Theatre. Talk to Batlin and accept to take the test. Whatever answers you will choose, the final outcome will be the same. Then, Batlin will give you a box to bring to Elynor of Minoc. The box is just 2 stones (kg) heavy, but it is very large.

You can open the package if you wish. Elynor will be a little miffed but you will still get your reward and entry into The Fellowship. If you opened it she will chastise you for a bit; however the Fellowship are very forgiving people so it makes no permanent impact on your quest.

If you want, you can save with it unopened before telling her and try out the two responses. Saving and loading can also allow you to find out what's in it without getting the "bad" response.

You will earn 50 gold coins and 250 experience points.

Dungeon Destard[edit]

As a second errand, Batlin asks you to retrieve the money that some Fellowship member hid in Dungeon Destard. According to him, the dungeon is abandoned and free from any danger.

A book in the the Lycaeum library titled The Dragon Compendium tells you about Dungeon Destard; it is a blue tome on an upper shelf in the north-west room. The Guardian himself tells you that Dungeon Destard is a trap when you first approach its entrance.

The dungeon is north-east of Trinsic. From the south gate, walk east until you reach the sea, then follow the coast north, then hug the mountainside into a small valley.

When you enter the dungeon, the path immediately forks: going west is a side quest area; going east is yur main goal. As soon as the east tunnel opens up, you should see the chest, near the corpse of a Fellowship member. Once you inspect it (possibly from a safe distance), you can turn back and go away. Actually, a bag and a mostly safe tunnel are straight north; just beware the occasional green dragon and the invisible caltrops.

If you are daring enough to go near and past the chest, several respawning red dragons will attack you. If you can survive, plenty of gems and treasure can be found (total value: 2106 Gold Coins). In particular, a second spellbook will allow to spend your money on something.

  • Loot:
    • Chest and Fellowship corpse: Fellowship staff, 2 Fellowship medallions, bag with 5 black pearls, 10 spider silks, 20 sulfur ashes, 2 yellow potions, 1 black potion.
    • Bag NW of the corpse: 1 regeneration ring
    • Tunnel N of the corpse: 4 gold bars.
    • SE dome:
      • East: chest with a spellbook and 67 gold coins, 31+23 gold coins, 3 gold bars, 11 gold nuggets, 4 gems; 4 more gems;
      • South: 13 gems
      • West:' 5 gems, chest (with green potion, fire sword, 1 gold nugget),
    • SW room: corpse with chain coif and lockpick, corpse with silver venom vial, 6 gems, 20+35+23+50+27 gold coins

Side quest[edit]

When you enter Dungeon Destard and turn left (west), you will meet a group of three adventurers. The one named Cosmo is looking for an unicorn. The supernatural animal, Lasher, can be found in a nearby cave, located under the same mountains as Dungeon Destard; its the entrance is at the southmost tip.

Due to a bug, if you talk in order to Cosmo first and then to Lasher, it will be impossible to complete the side quest. On the other hand, if you talk to Lasher first, Cosmo will react accordingly, but you will miss the good part of the story.

  • Chest: 1 invisibility ring, 25+23 gold coins, 30 magic arrows.

Join the Fellowship[edit]

You will earn 300 experience points, but is it worth it?