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One known problem in Ultima 7 is the management of the many keys. Note that each key is specific for one lock, as in real life.

  • Suggestion: after using a key, leave it next to the lock (door or chest) that it opened.

It is useless to carry around keys that serve no purpose anymore.

Key list[edit]

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The list is currently incomplete.

Hotel room keys are omitted from this list.

Key Description Location Lock
Ultima7 key Christopher.png Horizontal, yellow Trinsic, on Christopher's corpse. It opens the chest in Christopher's home. If Spark is in your party, you can take all items.
Ultima7 key TreasureTrinsic.png Horizontal, brown Trinsic area, south-west of the city, under a stone. It opens the chest under a nearby tree. Feel free to take any item.
Ultima7 key Garritt.png Horizontal, green Paws. Talk to people during the theft investigation. It opens Garrett's chest. Make sure nobody is around!
Ultima7 key Morfin.png Vertical, grey Paws. Andrew tells you where to find it. It opens a door inside Morfin's butchery. Whatever you do there, it is considered illegal!
Ultima7 key LordBritish.png H-shaped, grey Castle Britannia. Lord British tells you where it is. It opens the door of the north-west tower room. Lord British authorized you to take all items.
Ultima7 key Sentri.png Horizontal, brown Britain, inside drawers in Sentri's house It opens the other door in Sentri's home. If he is in your party, you can take all items.
Ultima7 key Mack.png Horizontal, grey Cove area. Mack says he lost it in Lock Lake. It is found inside a half-hidden dead green fish on the north-west shore. It opens Mack's shed in Britain. If you spoke to Mack, you can take the magic weapon.