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This sidequest requires the Quests and Interactions mod.

Mayor Finnigan expresses a desire to see Trinsic's Rune of Honor returned. A certain red-caped hero took it for an important purpose countless years ago but never returned it after the deed was done (oops).

  1. Ask Finnigan about Trinsic, then about the Rune of Honor. He tells you to talk to Candice, the museum curator, in Britain.
  2. Talk to Candice and she insists on having Lord British's permission first.
  3. Ask him about it (choose either option, it doesn't matter) and he will grant your request, so return to her with the news.
  4. She now demands you make a replica to replace it, and suggests Julia of Minoc might be able to make one.
  5. Talk to Julia (she's carrying a hammer) and she recommends you acquire some slate first, and then ask Gladstone to make the replica.
    The mining machine
  6. Head to 51N 125E (the topmost area of desert on the map) and you'll find a mining machine. Use it to acquire a slab.
  7. Take the slab to Gladstone in Minoc when he's in his shop and he'll make the replica.
  8. Take it back to the museum and either show it to Candice or swap it and then talk to her. Either way be sure you're taking the REAL Rune with you back to Trinsic.
  9. Either show the Rune to Finnigan or else drop it on the pedestal and then talk to him.
  10. Talk to Lord British (if you wish) and he'll congratulate you.

Congratulations, you've helped restore Trinsic's honour!

If you decide to speed things along by robbing the museum and taking the Rune straight back to Finnigan he'll be angry as will Candice. If you bring him the Rune from the Trinsic Cheat Room, however, he'll be content. Also bear in mind that they can both tell the difference between the real and fake Runes, so be sure to put each in the right place. You can confirm this by discussing it with them.