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Ultima VII cannot run in NT-based operating systems (NT/ME/200/XP/2003). One of the following methods will be required.

Running under DOSBox[edit]

DOSBox can be used to run the game. Since DOSBox is an emulator it requires quite a powerful computer, and if your system is not fast enough to run the game at full speed the sound may be distorted.

Running under Exult[edit]

Exult is a cross-platform engine remake; compiled builds are available for a variety of operating systems (Linux, Mac OS, BeOS) and the source code is also available to allow compiling on unsupported operating systems.

The developers have added support for more keyboard shortcuts, an onscreen HUD, and it also supports the most popular emulation filters (such as Kreed's Super2xSaI and SuperEagle). The game can also be played in any specified screen resolution.

The cheat mode is expanded and more accessible (no more command line tweaks) and, for the first time, the game world can be fully edited, even when the game is still running. Many complex mods have already been produced.

Things in the audio department have also had an overhaul. The Roland MT-32 soundtrack has been re-recorded into OGG format, meaning players can enjoy the soundtrack as it was meant to be experienced regardless of their soundcard. Many ambient sound effects that had no SoundBlaster equivalent can also now be heard.

The latest development releases add many experimental features such as a fully-editable journal as well as even more bugfixes, however these builds are unstable; while it is possible to play from beginning to end in a daily build, some problems are likely to occur.

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