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These mods will only work with Exult. Version 1.2 or higher is recommended (some mods require 1.4 or higher).


This patch adds several new interactions without even requiring a new game to be started.

  • You can now grind wheat into flour by using it on a millstone.
  • You can now weave cloth into garments by using thread on it (rather than just slicing your beautiful fabric into bandages with the shears).
  • You can now churn butter (hurrah!) by using a bottle/bucket/pitcher of milk on a butter churn.
  • Fish will plop out of the water occasionally (implemented unused animation frames from the original).
  • Chickens and sheep will make proper noises (along with some party comments too).
  • Cows can now be milked, using a bucket or milk pitcher.
  • Sheep can now be sheared to get wool, by using shears on them. (sheared sheep don't look any different to unsheared ones)
  • Fishing with a fishing rod is now easier, with more guidance from party members. You can still only catch fish when there are actual fish (those wiggling blue blobs) in the water. The designers put in a lot of good fishing spots nearby bridges.
  • Fixes the pocketwatch am/pm bug (no more 12am noon!)

There is a mod made for Ultima 6 which enables you to play online with other people. Download the software and start playing right at this URL: [1]

Quests and Interactions[edit]

This patch features everything from Interactions, plus an additional quest to return Trinsic's Rune of Honor.

Gordon the fish-and-chip salesman will also buy fish from you. Ask about his business and he'll eventually discuss it. If you don't have a fishing rod you can ask him for one, which he'll sell to you. However if you're a true Fellowship member (not just one wearing the medallion for show) he'll give it to you for nothing.

He pays three gold for a fresh fish and only one for an old fish. This price difference is not time-based; any fish you catch yourself is considered to be fresh, and any you find are deemed old and smelly. You can carry around a caught fish for as long as you like and he'll still happily pay full price for it.

Note that you will need to start a new game in order for the quest to work. If you do not wish to do so use Interactions instead.

Keyring Mod[edit]

The Keyring Mod (first announced in this thread, later discussed in this thread) adds many features to the game, listed below. It is part of the Exult CVS source code, but the precompiled Windows CVS build doesn't include it. It can instead be downloaded here. This mod requires the Exult 1.4 CVS build (compiled at least January 21 or newer); it will not work with Exult 1.2. The world map changes will not appear on existing savegames.

This mod adds the following features:

  • A keyring to manage all the various keys in the game (hence the mod name).
  • The Laurianna's Kidnapping sidequest.
  • You can now meditate at the Shrines of the Virtues.
  • You can now view the Codex; you must be in a sacred quest, though.
  • A brand new Shrine of the Codex, based on the one at the Mysterious Sosaria website.
  • The three items of Principles (Book of Truth, Candle of Love and Bell of Courage), as well as the three Flames of Principles.
  • Lock Lake Cleanup: Once Miranda's bill is signed, the Lake will be gradually cleaned up of garbage.
  • A brand new Shrine of Spirituality and a basement for Serpent's Hold, where the Flame of Courage is located. Both are located in a new map, thus using Exult's Multimap support.
  • An improved Orb of the Moons, allowing you to visit the shrines too.
  • Innkeepers will reclaim the room keys when you are leaving the inn. They will also lock the doors and make the beds.

Feudal Lands[edit]

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This mod merges the two games in a continuous narrative, plus it adds more features.


Exult 3D[edit]

All development on this mod seems to have stopped, but it was originally intending to convert Exult to a fully rotatable 3D engine using mostly the original data files.

Savage Empire[edit]

This mod has just been announced. It will use a heavily modified tileset based off both U7 and Savage Empire tiles. Tiles from the Super Famicom port will not likely be used due to legal concerns.