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Rogue Encampment[edit]

The Rogues' camp is enclosed in a stockade, with an exit to the Blood Moor in one of its walls. There's also a waypoint by its northeast wall, but this is useless until you've found and activated other waypoints out in the wilderness, allowing you to travel between them in an instant. You stand by your stash on the north side of the bonfire in the middle of the camp.


Warriv, the leader of a caravan, also stands by the bonfire. You don't need to talk to him, but doing so informs you of recent events.

Introduction Paladin
Greetings, stranger. I'm not surprised to see your kind here. Many adventurers have traveled this way since the recent troubles began. Well met, noble Paladin. It's been a while since I've seen any of your kind in the west. It would be an honor to aid you in any way that I can.
No doubt you've heard about the tragedy that befell the town of Tristram. Some say that Diablo, the Lord of Terror, walks the world again.

I don't know if I believe that, but a Dark Wanderer did travel this route a few weeks ago. He was headed east to the mountain pass guarded by the Rogue Monastery.

Maybe it's nothing, but evil seems to have trailed in his wake. You see, shortly after the Wanderer went through, the Monastery's Gates to the pass were closed and strange creatures began ravaging the countryside.

Until it's safer outside the camp and the gates are re-opened, I'll remain here with my caravan. I hope to leave for Lut Gholein before the shadow that fell over Tristram consumes us all. If you're still alive then, I'll take you along.

You should talk to Akara, too. She seems to be the leader of this camp. Maybe she can tell you more.

You don't need to talk to him again until you've completed the Act and you're ready to go east, to Lut Gholein, although like every other inhabitant of the camp he can gossip, and comment on active quests.

It's easy to become lost in the wilderness on the way to the Citadel. After you have come to the Cairn Stones, you must remember that the path continues through the caves.
I'll gladly take you eastward, if you can drive the Evil from the Monastery. Then, the Rogues may re-open the pass through the mountains.
To the east are lands of great mystery... and the Jewel City of the Desert, Lut Gholein.
I've been leading my trade caravan across the eastern deserts for more than twenty years now. I've been attacked by bandits and outlaws more times than I can remember. But never when a Paladin accompanied me.

Indeed, your Order has saved me from losing a small fortune over the years. I just hope you can discover what's going on around here and get the Gates to the East opened up!

Gossip about Warriv:

Akara Kashya Charsi Gheed
Though he has only been our guest for a short time, I sense that Warriv has faced many harrowing trials. Though he knows, as I do, that a terrible evil has blanketed the land, his only real concern is to reach the eastern trading ports with his caravan. I don't trust many outlanders, but Warriv seems fine. He never says much to me, though. Warriv's all right, I guess. He seems too serious most of the time. I haven't really talked to him all that much. Warriv was kind enough to let me travel with his caravan, but don't let him drag you into a search for a new Eastern trade route.

I'm making a fortune right here... from the Rogues, of course! You, on the other hand, always get my best prices!


Akara, the spiritual leader of the Rogues, stands by her tent in the east corner of the camp.

Greetings, young Sorceress. It is good to see more of your kind at work in the world these dark days. In my opinion, the world needs more women to fight against the great shadow. But I am forgetting my manners...
I am Akara, High Priestess of the Sisterhood of the Sightless Eye. I welcome you, traveler, to our camp, but I'm afraid I can offer you but poor shelter within these rickety walls.

You see, our ancient Sisterhood has fallen under a strange curse. The mighty Citadel from which we have guarded the gates to the East for generations, has been corrupted by the evil Demoness, Andariel.

I still can't believe it... but she turned many of our sister Rogues against us and drove us from our ancestral home. Now the last defenders of the Sisterhood are either dead or scattered throughout the wilderness.

I implore you, stranger. Please help us. Find a way to lift this terrible curse and we will pledge our loyalty to you for all time.

After introducing herself, she gives you your first quest, clearing the Den of Evil. She trades potions, Scrolls and Tomes of Identify and Town Portal, keys, and scepters, staves and wands. She's also a healer, restoring you and your party to maximum life, stamina and mana, curing any poison and removing any curse when you interact with her.

The wilderness is overrun with Evil and the minions of Hell have taken our rightful home. We must purge all Evil from the Monastery and restore order to the world.
Our mental discipline is matched only by our skill in archery... I only hope these are enough to withstand this awful trial.
Beware that you do not suffer the fate of the corrupted Rogues. To lose one's life is a tragedy, but to lose one's soul is even worse.
Even though the corrupted ones were once of our Order, you need not shy from slaying them, for they stand between you and Andariel.

Perhaps, when the Demon Queen is dead, our Sisters will return to life, but more likely they will be forever bound to their unholy pact.
I often dream of the day we reclaim our own. The Sightless Eye sees through the mist of time a great glory ahead, but how far ahead the Eye cannot discern.
The Sisterhood of the Sightless Eye has a long and distinguished history. Over the generations our Order has become a deadly fighting force as well as a bastion for women who sought to forge their own destiny.

Yet beware, young one, the lure of power and knowledge can lead to disaster. I have seen ambition foul the bravest of hearts and recklessness dull hard-won wisdom.

You would do well to tread lightly upon the dark path you have chosen to explore.

Gossip about Akara:

Kashya Charsi Warriv Gheed
Akara has been like a mother to me for as long as I can remember. She is wise and good, but I don't think she has the steel to retake our Monastery by force. Akara, our priestess and seer, is most upset by the corruption of our Sisters. I fear that she blames herself. Akara is the Rogues' High Priestess. She sells the few magic items in her possession and can even heal your wounds. She is very wise and will help you if she can. Akara and Kashya are Sisters in the Order of the Sightless Eye, but they are worlds apart. Akara is a slow river of magic, and Kashya, a viper of war. They're both devoted to their religious order, yet the corruption of their Sisters pains them both to no end.


Kashya, the military leader of the Rogues, stands on the south side of the bonfire in the middle of the camp.

Introduction Amazon
Welcome, outlander, to our glorious hovel. I know you're here to challenge the evil that's driven us from our ancestral home.

But, know this. Akara may be our spiritual leader, but I command the Rogues in battle. It will take more than just killing a few beasts in the wilderness to earn my trust.
Well, well, I never expected to see an Amazon in these lands. You're very brave to have come here. Many of my fellow Sisters have fallen under some dark spell, and if you're not careful you may fall prey to it as well.

Once you're level 8 you can hire a Rogue from her, although she'll let you have one for free after killing Blood Raven in the Sisters' Burial Grounds, regardless of your level.

Diablo II: Lord of Destruction

You won't get a Rogue if you already have a mercenary (although you can still hire one to replace your existing mercenary: just remember to remove any equipment before doing so). She can also resurrect a dead mercenary, in exchange for gold.

In this camp, those of us who have remained true to our Order are forced to live among common traders and farm animals.

Welcome to our circle of suffering.
Some evenings we gather at the bonfire to retell epic tales... and try to forget about the terrible events that led to losing the Monastery.
If we could only find out how Andariel has managed to corrupt our Sisters, then, perhaps, we could drive out the evil clouding their minds.
Perhaps Tristram deserved its fate... for letting Evil loose upon the land. I only hope we don't suffer the same.
When I was very young, Akara told me tales of the Amazons' fearlessness in battle and of their skills with spears and bows. I like to think we Rogues have much in common with you Amazons.

Gossip about Kashya:

Akara Charsi Warriv Gheed
Kashya has always been fiercely loyal, but I fear her anger and frustration over these recent events will lead her into harm's way. She is highly protective of the few Rogues remaining under her command and will not send them into combat unless there is dire need. Oh, Kashya's fantastic. Sure, she's a little hard on outsiders, but who can blame her? All she wants is to protect our Order. But now that our Sisters have turned against us... I think this whole mess has hardened her heart. The fiery Kashya commands the Rogue archers in battle. I've only spoken to her a few times, though. I get the feeling that she doesn't like outsiders very much. Akara and Kashya are Sisters in the Order of the Sightless Eye, but they are worlds apart. Akara is a slow river of magic, and Kashya, a viper of war. They're both devoted to their religious order, yet the corruption of their Sisters pains them both to no end.

Deckard Cain[edit]

Deckard Cain, the last Horadrim sage, only appears on the south side of the bonfire in the middle of the camp after you (or the creator of a multiplayer game) has completed the Search for Cain, or returned after completing the Act. He provides information to guide you through the remainder of this Act and the game, and will identify items in your inventory (for free if you found and rescued him yourself, or for 100 gold if the Rogues did so after you left).

Long ago, Diablo and his brothers were cast out of Hell by the Lesser Evils. It seems that Hell's balance has shifted, as Andariel is now aligned with the Lord of Terror. Her presence here in the mortal realm does not bode well for us.
Have I told you about the Horadrim? They were an ancient confederation of mage-clans who sought to bind the three Prime Evils for eternity. The Horadrim are now nearly forgotten... and it appears that the bonds they wove are unravelling!

As the last of the Horadrim, I pray that I can help you remedy their failure.
You may recover some mysterious things from the demons you kill. Some of great use to you... some of great peril! Bring them to me and I'll reveal their secrets.
It takes time to master your skills... and use will hone your technique. But take care to choose your new skills wisely.

Gossip about Deckard Cain:

Akara Kashya Charsi Warriv Gheed
I understand that Cain is the last descendant of the ancient Horadrim and that his knowledge of their lore is vast. He could prove to be very useful in discerning the nature of our current crisis. Some of my Rogues told me of Deckard Cain. They said that he is a man of great wisdom. Personally, I don't know how wise he could possibly be if he never learned how to wage battle himself. I don't really know anything about Cain. He seems to have a lot of secrets... That makes me nervous. Cain seems to have great wisdom regarding the supernatural. I hope I never live to be that wise... That old coot, Cain, is as crazy as a wet Quill Rat. I hear he survived whatever happened in Tristram. Personally, I wouldn't trust a thing he has to say.


Charsi, the Rogues' blacksmith, stands in the north corner of the camp.

Introduction Barbarian
Hi there. I'm Charsi, the blacksmith here in camp. It's good to see some strong adventurers around here.

Many of our Sisters fought bravely against Diablo when he first attacked the town of Tristram. They came back to us true veterans, bearing some really powerful items. Seems like their victory was short-lived, though... Most of them are now corrupted by Andariel.
Wow. You're a Barbarian, huh? It's really great to meet you. I've seen a few of your kind around here lately. I'm a little jealous... I wish I could go off adventuring with you.

Oh, by the way... I'm Charsi, the blacksmith here in camp.

Charsi trades and repairs weapons and armor. Once you've returned her Tools of the Trade, she'll also imbue a non-magical item (with no sockets) with rare properties.

I don't know why some of my Sisters chose to follow Andariel. Those who strayed were among our finest warriors.
You know, I've been with the Sisters for as long as I can remember. But Akara told me that my real parents were Barbarians from the northern tribes and that they were killed when I was very young.

Sometimes I wonder what my life would have been like if I had been raised as a Barbarian.

I don't know. I love being a blacksmith... but sometimes I just want to get out and explore the world, you know?

Gossip about Charsi:

Akara Kashya Warriv Gheed
Charsi is young and innocent. However, I believe her Barbarian blood thrills to the prospect of adventure and danger. She takes great pride in her work and finds comfort in the fact that her weapons and armor are helping to end this evil plague. Before our exile, Charsi, our blacksmith, could fashion any implement of war.

Here in the camp, she merely makes do. Her best tools remain within the Monastery.
Charsi seems to be a very sweet girl. She's the smith around here and can help you by trading weapons and armor. Charsi is a fine girl..., but she has no business savvy! I know she means well, but the prices she charges for weapons and armor will never earn her a profit.

As long as I keep filling her mind with stories of adventure, she'll never catch on to the fact that I'm raking in gold hand over fist!


Gheed, a merchant, stands in the west corner of the camp.

Introduction Necromancer
Good day to you partner! I'm Gheed and I can already tell that I'll be your best friend in this forsaken camp. A Necromancer! I hoped I'd never have to lay my eyes on one of your kind again. ... The recent troubles in this area have brought out all kinds, I see. Nevertheless, your money's good...
A spare weapon, some gold, a small gem is all I want in exchange for the equipment you'll need on whatever quests you might undertake

Now, now, now... Don't be shy, all of my items are guaranteed for life and come with a two-day warranty!

Like Charsi he trades weapons and armor, and he also allows you to gamble for unidentified magical items (they're only identified once you've paid gold for them).

Andariel's demonic forces have taken up residence in the forests as well as the Monastery. Uh-uh. I won't be venturing out of the camp. So, if you need anything, I'll be right here.
When - or if - I get to Lut Gholein, I'm going to find the largest bowl of Narlant weed and smoke 'til all earthly sense has left my body.
Don't think you can fool me, Necromancer. I've seen what your kind can do. If you're involved in any of the evil out there, I don't even want to know. Trade quickly and be about your business!

Gossip about Gheed:

Akara Kashya Charsi Warriv
To be honest, I have done my best to stay clear of Gheed. He wears dishonesty about himself like a cloak and seeks only to better his situation by preying on the misfortunes of others. Gheed is a pig. I've been tempted to throw him out of the camp many times, but Charsi seems to think that he's good company. I don't trust the man, but if she's comforted by him, then I'll desist. Oh, I like Gheed. He's very funny. He has all sorts of interesting stories from the places he's been. I wish I could see the sights he has. Gheed is a wandering merchant of questionable character who is traveling along with my caravan to the East. He will buy and sell most anything.

He's greedy, but his wares are beyond reproach. I would suggest keeping both eyes open when you deal with him.


DII Icon Den of Evil.png Den of Evil DII Icon Sisters' Burial Grounds.png Sisters' Burial Grounds DII Icon The Search for Cain.png The Search for Cain
DII Icon The Forgotten Tower.png The Forgotten Tower DII Icon Tools of the Trade.png Tools of the Trade DII Icon Sisters to the Slaughter.png Sisters to the Slaughter


Area Waypoint
Rogue Encampment Yes
Blood Moor No
Den of Evil No
Cold Plains Yes
Cave Level 1 No
Cave Level 2 No
Burial Grounds No
Crypt No
Mausoleum No
Stony Field Yes
Underground Passage Level 1 No
Underground Passage Level 2 No
Dark Wood Yes
Area Waypoint
Tristram No
Black Marsh Yes
Hole Level 1 No
Hole Level 2 No
Forgotten Tower No
Tower Cellar Level 1 No
Tower Cellar Level 2 No
Tower Cellar Level 3 No
Tower Cellar Level 4 No
Tower Cellar Level 5 No
Tamoe Highland No
Pit Level 1 No
Pit Level 2 No
Area Waypoint
Monastery Gate No
Outer Cloister Yes
Barracks No
Jail Level 1 Yes
Jail Level 2 No
Jail Level 3 No
Inner Cloister Yes
Cathedral No
Catacombs Level 1 No
Catacombs Level 2 Yes
Catacombs Level 3 No
Catacombs Level 4 No