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The fifth quest of this Act is optional, but it can quickly and easily be completed while searching the Arcane Sanctuary beneath the palace to complete the fourth (in fact, you may even activate and complete the quest before you realize that you've done so).

This quest is activated when you approach the platform on which Horazon's Journal can be found, guarded by the Summoner.

DII Icon The Summoner.png The Summoner
Kill the Summoner.

If you bother to return to town to talk to anyone:

Drognan Jerhyn
Yes... The man you speak of sounds like the mage who came here many months ago. He claimed to have fought Diablo in the passages beneath Tristram.

No doubt the fool wandered into Horazon's Sanctuary and lost whatever was left of his ravaged mind. He is beyond salvation.

It is possible that the fool has been possessed by the spirit of Horazon. If that's true, then you'd better put an end to his tortured existence.

Once done, I believe the demons who were summoned and imprisoned within the Sanctuary will cease to exist as well.
The man you describe is probably not Horazon.

He sounds like the very mage who came around here a while ago. He was very curious about this palace and seemed especially interested in the seal on the passageway in the cellar. He left shortly after that. I wonder how he got down there? The seal was never broken...

That mage spoke a great deal to Drognan. Why don't you ask him about it?
There's nothing more dreadful than a powerful being driven by a frayed mind.
Deckard Cain Lysander
The appearance of the mage you describe sounds like one I met back in Tristram. Many Vizjerei came to fight against Diablo, the Lord of Terror. Perhaps, this is one of them.

You know, fate seems to have frowned upon all of the heroes who confronted that terrible Evil. Take care or the same may happen to you.
Ah, yes. I remember. There was a.. fellow around here many months ago who asked almost as many questions about Horazon as you.

So... He discovered enough to assume Horazon's place in the Arcane Sanctuary, huh? What a fool!
Fara Elzix
Hmmm... That doesn't sound like Horazon. I'll agree that he may have gone mad, but from what you tell me, I don't think that's the case. Talk to Drognan... he may know more than I. Ugh... Crazy mages give me the creeps.

Just kill him and get on with your business.
Atma Greiz
You always seem to find the worst trouble. I don't know how you handle it. That guy really talks like that? Sounds like either Horazon has gone stir-crazy or that's some impostor.
Geglash Meshif
So! Horazon's crazy, eh? I'd be surprised if he wasn't. All those centuries without ale would drive anyone to drink... but then you couldn't drink. And that would drive you to drink... Hah?... What was the question? Ah, yes. As a ship captain I am well aware of the phenomenon of a false Horazon.

Sorry, just a little joke.

The Summoner is a Boss and a pure spell caster who can use Fire Ball, a Vampire's Firewall, Frost Nova, Glacial Spike and Weaken. He has no Unique bonuses in Normal and gains none in Nightmare and Hell, but while he's never immune to any damage type he is always heavily resistant to fire, cold and lightning (50% in Normal and Nightmare, 75% in Hell)... although he has no resistance to anything else.

Diablo II: Lord of Destruction

In Hell, he can drop the Keys of Hate needed for the Pandemonium Event.

DII Icon The Summoner.png The Summoner
Return to town for more information.

Even if you can create your own portal, you should read Horazon's Journal, opening a portal to the Canyon of the Magi, and use the waypoint just to the north when you travel through it. Talk to anyone upon your return to complete this quest:

Jerhyn Deckard Cain
The demonic force that was emanating from the corrupted Sanctuary has dissipated. I thank you greatly for your help. Now, we can look to rebuilding our lives.

All will be for nothing, though, if you do not stop the greater Evil which is rapidly gaining ground.
I hope that this false Summoner found peace in death. Unfortunately, it is more likely that he will be dragged down into Hell by the demons he was bound to.

Let this be a lesson to you... Demonic magic is a quick path, but its powers are seductive and deadly.
Drognan Fara Lysander
Larger forces are moving inexorably towards us. You must now make haste to the Tombs. I feel no pity for that would-be Summoner. His terrible ambition for demonic power was his undoing. You merely hastened the inevitable. Huhhh... Such is always the fate of those who meddle with evil.
Atma Elzix Greiz
You're more the hero than I could have dreamed. Perhaps, there is hope for us after all. You make me long for the days of glory. When I had both hands, both eyes and more of a foot... So, Horazon's been dead for some time. I take it you at least found what you were looking for.
Geglash Meshif Warriv
The way I see it... Well, it's all pretty blurry. Well! You've got what you're after. Now get a move on before it's too late. I guess you'll be heading to the Tombs now? I hear that they're in the deepest desert regions.
DII Icon The Summoner.png The Summoner
Quest completed.
DII Icon The Summoner.png The Summoner
You completed this quest in a previous game.