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After cleansing the Den of Evil for Akara, you can talk to Kashya, the military leader of the Rogues standing to the south of the bonfire in the middle of the Rogue Encampment, to activate this second quest. Once again it's optional, but it's worth completing for its reward, at least in Normal.

My Rogue scouts have just reported an abomination in the Monastery graveyard!

Apparently, Andariel is not content to take only our living. Blood Raven, one of our finest captains in the battle against Diablo at Tristram, was also one of the first to be corrupted by Andariel.

Now, you'll find her in the Monastery graveyard raising our dead as zombies!

We cannot abide this defilement! If you are truly our ally, you will help us destroy her.
DII Icon Sisters' Burial Grounds.png Sisters' Burial Grounds
Look for Blood Raven in the Burial Grounds next to the Cold Plains.

If you talk to anyone before leaving the camp:

Akara Kashya Charsi Warriv Gheed
Blood Raven fought valiantly against Diablo in the catacombs beneath Tristram... She was never quite the same afterwards. It is now obvious she brought an evil influence back with her. Death has done nothing to weaken Blood Raven's combat skills. If anything, she's more deadly than ever. Blood Raven was the leader of a Rogue band that once fought Diablo at Tristram. Hmmm...

How can one kill what is already dead?
I'm sorry... The undead are bad for trade. I have a strict no-return policy.

You may already have followed the path from the camp through the Blood Moor to the Cold Plains and found and activated the waypoint just by its entrance: if you haven't, do so.

Cold Plains[edit]

The path continues through the Cold Plains, which are populated by any three of the following four monster types: Corrupt Rogue Dark Hunters and Spearwomen (both fast melee attackers who hunt in packs), Fallen Shamans accompanied by Fallen, and Gargantuan Beasts. You're likely to encounter your first random Champion and Unique monsters, and you may even encounter a Super Unique Fallen Shaman.

The path forks three times, taking you to the Cave Level 1, Burial Grounds and Stony Field.


Super Unique Fallen Shaman (Magic Resistant Fire Enchanted)

As you explore the Cold Plains, you may find a Fallen encampment led by Bishibosh, who can raise both Fallen and Fallen Shamans (there are two in the camp, and others may be nearby). Due to his Unique bonuses, Bishibosh is also Immune to Fire (even in Normal) and explodes upon death, so melee attackers should be careful if their own life is low.

Cave Level 1[edit]

This is an optional area, populated by Skeletons, Hungry Dead and Dark Rangers (Corrupt Rogues who still use bows): there may also be Fallen Shamans and Fallen camped down here.


Super Unique Dark Ranger (Cold Enchanted)

Coldcrow can be found at the back of the Cave Level 1. Due to her Unique bonus, both her attacks and those of her minions can slow you with cold, and she explodes in a cold nova upon death, similar to a Sorceress' Frost Nova.

Cave Level 2[edit]

Unsurprisingly, the entrance to the Cave Level 2 is somewhere in the Cave Level 1. It's another optional, but much smaller, area, similarly populated to the previous level.

Burial Grounds[edit]

If this quest wasn't activated by talking to Kashya, entering the Burial Grounds from the Cold Plains will do so:

DII Icon Sisters' Burial Grounds.png Sisters' Burial Grounds
Kill Blood Raven.

If you return to camp to talk to anyone before completing this quest:

Akara Kashya Charsi Warriv Gheed
If you fail to destroy Blood Raven, I fear that our Order will perish forever. Each moment you delay adds another undead Sister to Blood Raven's army. Akara felt something was wrong even before Andariel descended upon us. She feared that Blood Raven had stumbled upon some evil force beneath Tristram.

I wish we had acted then...
When the dead return to prey upon the living, it is a terror beyond understanding. I wonder if that old gossip, Melra, is among the undead? Oh, she had dirt on everybody.

The Burial Grounds are relatively small, with a few Skeletons and Hungry Dead around the perimeter.

Blood Raven[edit]

Blood Raven herself stands to the north of the tree in the middle of the graveyard. There are gates in the surrounding fence in the middle of the northwest and southeast sides, as well as numerous gaps all around the perimeter.


Join my army of the dead!

My army will destroy you!

Although she's surrounded by Hungry Dead, she herself is highly mobile, equipping a rare Short Bow, sometimes using a damaging fire arrow and gaining Knockback in Hell (thankfully, she doesn't gain random Unique bonuses in later difficulties).

Since she can raise even more Hungry Dead (although no experience is gained from killing them), the best strategy is to focus on her. However, there are already so many Hungry Dead that it's advisable to thin the herd first: they can be lured outside the fence to be killed while you use bushes and other obstacles (like the walls outside the northwest entrance to the graveyard) to block Blood Raven's arrows.

Having reduced the chances of ranged attacks getting blocked or getting boxed in by Hungry Dead, focus on her. This can be exasperating, particularly for melee attackers (and especially in Hell), so try to shepherd her into a corner or slow her down (or use Knockback yourself to pin her against a fence or gravestone).

When she's finally killed, her spirit leaves her body and lightning emanating from her kills any nearby undead.

DII Icon Sisters' Burial Grounds.png Sisters' Burial Grounds
Return to Kashya for a reward.

If you talk to anyone other than Kashya upon your return:

Akara Charsi Warriv Gheed
Andariel must be made to pay for her sacrilege! Kashya wishes to reward you for your defeat of Blood Raven. I thank you, too, even though Blood Raven was once my friend. You've done well, stranger. I hope all your efforts are worth it. Some of those gals weren't so nice the first time around.

Talk to Kashya to receive your reward:

I can hardly believe that you've defeated Blood Raven!

Though she was once my closest friend, I pray that her tortured spirit remains banished forever.

You have earned my respect, stranger... and the allegiance of the Rogues. I have placed several of my best warriors at your disposal.
DII Icon Sisters' Burial Grounds.png Sisters' Burial Grounds
Quest completed.

She gives you a Rogue to fight alongside you, and allows you to hire replacements should this one be killed.

Diablo II: Lord of Destruction

You won't get a Rogue if you already have a mercenary (although you can still hire one to replace your existing mercenary: just remember to remove any equipment before doing so).


The entrance to the Crypt is at the southwest end of the graveyard. This is an optional area, populated with more Skeletons and Hungry Dead.


Super Unique Skeleton (Extra Strong Magic Resistant)


The entrance to the Mausoleum is at the northeast end of the graveyard. This is another optional area, once again populated with Skeletons and Hungry Dead.