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Image Name Ability Description
Air Pirate Item Bracer Stops enemies from breaking item cards you use.
Air Soldier Reload Kinesis Allows reloads while in motion.
Ansem Sleightblind Grants Sora resistance to certain elements.
Aquatank Auto-Reload Automatically reloads cards when they run out.
Axel Quick Recovery Allows use of cards even while staggering from damage.
Bandit Combo Finish Makes the first strike as powerful as a combo finish.
Barrel Spider Quickload Reloads cards instantly.
Black Fungus Random Flush Activates a random enemy card effect.
Blue Rhapsody Blizzard Boost Increases the strength of ice-based abilities.
Bouncywild Draw Attracts fallen cards and items for easy retrieval.
Card Soldier Attack Haste Increases the speed of attack cards.
Creeper Plant Leaf Bracer Stops enemies from breaking Cure abilities you use.
Crescendo Summon Boost Disables use of magic cards to power up summon cards.
Darkball Duel Trigger Next card activates card duel regardless of the number.
Darkside Mimic Copies the enemy card your opponent is using. Nothing happens if your opponent has no enemy card in play.
Defender Protect Decreases damage from physical attacks by the enemy. Magical attacks do normal damage.
Demyx Water Charge Dramatically boosts power of ice-based attacks, such as Aqua Splash and Blizzard.
Fat Bandit Back Attack Deals more damage when striking enemies from behind.
Gargoyle Vanish Makes you invisible and reduces your chances of being hit.
Green Requiem Cure Boost Increases the potency of healing abilities.
Guard Armor Wide Attack Slightly extends the range of attack cards.
Hades Berserk Boosts the power of attack cards when low on HP (when the gauge is flashing red).
Hook Second Chance Retains 1 HP after a critical hit, provided you have 2 or more HP left.
Jafar Attack Bracer Stops enemies from breaking attack cards you use.
Large Body Guard Deflects frontal physical attacks and completely nullifies damage.
Larxene Dash Increases running speed.
Lexaeus Warp Break Obliterate enemies with the finishing blow of a combo with a high success rate.
Luxord Omni Break Breaks enemy's card no matter what the value.
Maleficent Overdrive Sacrifices reload speed to power up attack cards.
Marluxia Double Sleight Use stocked cards and sleights twice in a row.
Neoshadow Bio Causes enemies' HP to gradually drop.
Oogie Boogie Regen Gradually restores HP. HP returns more quickly when low.
Parasite Cage Dispel Nullifies an opponent's enemy card without fail. Nothing happens if your opponent has no enemy card in play.
Pirate All Zeroes Changes the values of all cards to 0.
Powerwild Retrograde Reverses the values of all cards. 1 becomes 9, 2 becomes 8, etc. Cards with a value of 0 are not affected.
Red Nocturne Fire Boost Increases the strength of fire-based abilities.
Riku Sleight Lock Keeps cards used in sleights available for reloading.
Roxas Double Strike Doubles the damage dealt by an attack card.
Saïx Combo Boost Boosts power with every strike with an attack card. Returns to normal when a card is broken.
Screwdiver Decrementor Decreases the values of all cards by 1.
Sea Neon Random Values Randomizes the values of cards you use.
Search Ghost Drain Absorbs enemy HP when striking with attack cards, but enemies will drop fewer items.
Shadow Incrementor Increases the value of all cards by 1.
Soldier Combo Plus Adds an extra hit to normal combos.
Tornado Step Reload Haste Subtracts 2 from the reload counter.
Trickmaster Value Break Decreases value of the enemy's card when your card is broken.
Ursula Shell Halves the damage from enemies' magic attacks.
Vexen Auto-Life Revives you automatically when your HP reaches 0. Only a small amount of HP is restored.
White Mushroom Hyper Healing Restores some HP every time you use a friend card.
Wight Knight Float Alters gravity to boost jumping ability.
Wizard Magic Boost Disables use of summon cards to power up magic cards.
Wyvern Reload Lock Stops the reload counter from counting reloads.
Xaldin Aero Guard Activates Aero for a set time, inflicting damage to enemies who touch it.
Xemnas Quick Barrier When receiving consecutive attacks, guards beyond the second strike.
Xigbar Shot Charge Powers up missile attacks such as Strike Raid and Fire.
Yellow Opera Thunder Boost Increases the strength of lightning-based abilities.
Zexion Confu-Strike Causes attacks to confuse enemy at a certain rate.