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Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories is an interesting game for it's story development. Like the original Kingdom Hearts, this game employs a system where the player can basically go anywhere at any time. Throughout this guide, there will be parts where the information is very vague. It really is impossible to say exactly what you should do because in this game, one thing might only work for one person.

That being said, throughout the game, you will collect world card sets, groups of cards allowing you to choose where and when you want to visit a particular world. While this allows for non-linearity, this makes it very hard to pinpoint exact statistics and information for each level. To do this, the game has to be completed a total of 5 different ways to get all the information. This being said, every boss battle after the first two and excluding some later in the game, a table will show the information about the boss instead of just a couple of bullets. This is done so that you can look back at the page at any point and be able to easily find the information you are looking for.

Enemies on the world will also be described the same way, in a table. Each table will include name, EXP given, and a quick blurb of information. Bosses are also listed here, but redirect to the specific boss section.

Maps differ from floor to floor, so all possible maps for that world are shown on the right hand side. This allows you to have an easy reference to the map that you will need.

With all the information you need to know, you should continue on to Sora's Story if you are starting Sora's journey, or Reverse Rebirth for Riku's story.