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A map of Traverse town shown in the menu
The reference map used in this section of the walkthrough. The gray rooms have no special use, the orange ones require a gold card, and the blue rooms are the entrance and exits, 1 being the entrance and 11 being the exit.

Traverse Town is the first level of this game. While being the easiest level in terms of enemies, it allows the new players to jump right in and understand the concepts the game revolves around.

Castle Oblivion[edit]

Upon starting a new game, you are treated to a computer graphic movie continuing from the end of the Kingdom Hearts game. After a short while, you will watch a scene that you can control by pressing the A button button to continue. After learning the beginnings of Castle Oblivion, you are set to unlock the mysteries.

After the entire scene, Sora obtains his first world card, Traverse Town. The world selection screen will come up, prompting you to press A button to choose Traverse Town as your first destination.

Traverse Town[edit]

Upon entering Traverse Town, the game takes control again and will take you through a series of commands to get you acquainted with the controls. After completing this, you are given a Key of Beginnings, the first of many required cards and are told to move toward the door, hit it by pressing the A button button, and choosing the card that the computer wants chosen. you gains control of Sora again. Move toward the save point to initiate an informational group of text boxes that you must go through to continue. After smashing a barrel and fighting a Shadow Heartless, you are given "free" control, but are basically forced to go through the next door to room 5 by using the card you received in battle.

After opening this door up, there is an almost linear map to complete this level. You should continue through the rooms to 6, and then until the you reach a door, leading to room 2, that has a crown over it, symbolizing it is a special door and one of four special cards are needed to open it. After learning about these cards, and opening the door, you will initiate a short sequence. you will then learn, in this sequence against Leon, about card strength and breaks, along with how to use sleights, a large part of the game. Leon also gives Sora Simba, a summon card. Sora also receives a Key of Guidance to continue on in the story.

After this, Sora is placed back in room 6. You should then go to room 7 to proceed to room 3, using the Key of Guidance'. After the events in room 3, the player should retreat back to room 1 to save. After saving, going to room 4 via route of room 8 is advised to complete the level's events and continue the story. Upon entering room 4 by using Key to Truth, the player will receive a short cut scene in which a the player will eventually battle Guard Armor, the first boss.

Boss Battle: Guard Armor[edit]

Guard Armor about to be hit.
  • Body HP: 1/2 Bar
  • Legs (2) HP: 1/2 Bar
  • Arms (2) HP: 1/2 Bar

Guard Armor is the first boss, yet is simple enough that it will not send the players to the brink of insanity, yet will not be all that much of a cakewalk. Guard Armor is split into five parts, a body, two legs and two arms. To defeat this boss, all parts must be destroyed. Focusing on either the arms or the legs, take out part of Guard Armor using simple Keyblade cards, healing when necessary. After all the arms and legs are gone, go for the body. Watch out, for the body spins around, seemingly randomly, making this part a little tricky. Break the enemy cards to make this battle simpler and to allow you a couple hits. Continue to heal as necessary until the boss is defeated.


  • 48 exp.
  • Guard Armor Enemy card

Traverse Town[edit]

Upon defeating Guard armor, Sora is taken to room 11, opening up all of the other rooms to access. Room 11 is a Moment's Reprieve, allowing saving to be done. After saving, which is highly advised, the player should continue through the door to the area between floors in Castle Oblivion.

It should be noted that room 9 is a special room, requiring a golden card found in battle to open. The player would not probably stumble across this rare card so early in the game, but it is possible. Open the door like any of the other doors the game and take the prize, the keyblade Lionheart.


Name Experience Given Notes
Shadow 3 exp. A simple Heartless.
Red Nocturne 3 exp. A fire-based magical Heartless. Fire-based attacks will heal them while ice-based attacks greatly hurt them.
Blue Rhapsody 3 exp. An ice-based magical Heartless. Ice-based attacks will heal them while fire-based attacks greatly hurt them.
Soldier 5 exp. A combat-centric Heartless. More powerful than a Shadow.
Guard Armor 48 exp. A collection of parts to form a armored knight of sorts. A boss. See specific section above.

New Cards and Sleights Found[edit]

Name Type Where Found
Kingdom Key Attack Most of the starter cards
Lionheart Attack Found in Rewards Room (room 9)
Blizzard Magic One of the starter cards
Cure Magic One of the starter cards
Potion Item One of the starter cards