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Magic Cards act just like magic spells. In many boss battles, your opponent may even be using Magic Cards. These can only be obtained through Sora's Story, and cannot be used by Riku.

Image Name Location Description
KH RCoM magic card Aero.png Aero Defeat the Riku Replica Magic that blows away nearby enemies and inflicts damage. Stock two cards for Aerora and three cards for Aeroga.
KH RCoM magic card Blizzard.png Blizzard Starting Magic Card Magic that deals ice damage. Stock two cards for Blizzara and three cards for Blizzaga.
KH RCoM magic card Cure.png Cure Starting Magic Card Magic that restores HP. Stock two cards for Cura and three cards for Curaga.
KH RCoM magic card Fire.png Fire Defeat Axel Magic that deals fire damage. Stock two cards for Fira and three cards for Firaga.
KH RCoM magic card Gravity.png Gravity Agrabah Bounty Magic that deals damage relative to the enemies' remaining HP. Stock two cards for Gravira and three cards for Graviga.
KH RCoM magic card Honey.png Honey 100 Acre Wood Recovers Pooh's honey gauge.
KH RCoM magic card Stop.png Stop Wonderland Bounty Magic that halts enemy movement for a set time period. Stock two cards for Stopra and three cards for Stopga.
KH RCoM magic card Thunder.png Thunder Defeat Larxene Magic that deals lightning damage. Stock two cards for Thundara and three cards for Thundaga.
KH RCoM magic card Wind.png Wind 100 Acre Wood Blows bees away.