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Aside from the usual Heartless Enemy Cards (which can be found here) there are cards that you can obtain from defeating bosses. These cards are listed here. They can be obtained in both Sora's Story and Reverse Rebirth.

Image Name How to Obtain Description
KH CoM enemy card Guard Armor.png Wide Attack Defeat Guard Armor Slightly extends the range of attack cards.
KH CoM enemy card Parasite Cage.png Dispel Defeat Parasite Cage Nullifies an opponent's enemy card without fail. Nothing happens if your opponent has no enemy card in play.
KH CoM enemy card Trickmaster.png Value Break Defeat Trickmaster Decreases value of the enemy's card when your card is broken.
KH CoM enemy card Darkside.png Mimic Defeat Darkside Copies the enemy card your opponent is using. Nothing happens if your opponent has no enemy card in play.
KH CoM enemy card Hades.png Berserk Defeat Hades Boosts the power of attack cards when low on HP (when the gauge is flashing red).
KH CoM enemy card Jafar.png Attack Bracer Defeat Jafar Stops enemies from breaking attack cards you use.
KH CoM enemy card Oogie Boogie.png Regen Defeat Oogie Boogie Gradually restores HP. HP returns more quickly when low.
KH CoM enemy card Ursula.png Shell Defeat Ursula Halves the damage from enemies' magic attacks.
KH CoM enemy card Hook.png Second Chance Defeat Captain Hook Retains 1 HP after a critical hit, provided you have 2 or more HP left.
KH CoM enemy card Maleficent.png Overdrive Defeat Maleficent Sacrifices reload speed to power up attack cards.
KH CoM enemy card Riku.png Sleight Lock Defeat Riku Keeps cards used in sleights available for reloading.
KH CoM enemy card Ansem.png Sleightblind Defeat Ansem Conceal your stocked cards from opponents.
KH CoM enemy card Vexen.png Auto-Life Defeat Vexen Revives you automatically when your HP reaches 0. Only a small amount of HP is restored.
KH CoM enemy card Lexaeus.png Warp Break Defeat Lexaeus Obliterate enemies with the finishing blow of a combo with a high success rate.
KH CoM enemy card Axel.png Quick Recovery Defeat Axel Allows use of cards even while staggering from damage.
KH CoM enemy card Larxene.png Dash Defeat Larxene Increases running speed.
KH CoM enemy card Marluxia.png Double Sleight Defeat Marluxia Use stocked cards and sleights twice in a row.