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  • Neutral dpad: Select choice.
  • A button: Confirm choice.
  • B button: Decline choice.
  • Start button + Select button + A button + B button: Soft Reset. Returns to the main screen (Load, New Game) without saving.

World Map[edit]

  • Neutral dpad: Move around.
  • A button: Swing Keyblade. If you hit a door, opens up the Room Synthesis menu. If you his a barrel or some other object, cards or health or moogle point balls might pop out.
  • B button: Jump. Hold it down for a duration to get a higher jump.
  • Start button: Opens up the in-game menu. During a cut scene, if held, the cut scene will be skipped. If another cut scene is after the current one, like before a boss battle, Start button has to stay depressed to skip that one also.
  • Select button: Opens up the level map. Shows current position and rooms that have and haven't been opened.


  • Neutral dpad: Movement. Sora and Riku move at the same speed in battle. Tap Left dpad or Right dpad twice quickly to use Dodge Roll, which pass through attacks with no damage taken. Riku can also dodge up and down while in Dark Mode
  • A button: Use currently selected card. Also selects the card that is to be made into a premium card if the option is present after battle.
  • B button: Jump. Hold B button for a higher jump. If Riku is in Dark Mode, B button + B button allows you to double jump and land behind an enemy.
  • Start button: Pause battle.
  • Select button: Switch between Normal and Enemy cards in battle.


  • A button: Proceed through the cut scene if possible
  • Start button (held down): Skips the cut scene. Useful for skipping pre-boss cut scenes that you have seen multiple times already.