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The path to Gaia's Navel[edit]

Secret of Mana map Gaia Navel path.png

From Pandora Village, you will start out in the lower right corner of the map shown to the right. If you visited Pandora castle and recruited the girl, you will also obtain the Spike Knuckle weapon, the first hand-to-hand combat weapon. Be sure to equip both characters with weapons that you haven't reached skill level 1 with yet and start training. Additionally, you should set the AI behavior of both characters to what you'd like. If you're not sure what to choose yet, the square one down from the top, and one right from the left is a good starting point.

Run to the west over the bridge, and start making your way north-west until you reach a pond. In addition to Rabites and Lullabuds, you start to encounter green insects known as Buzz Bees. Their attacks have a chance of poisoning you, so be careful. Attack everything that you see in an effort to gain experience points, and especially to increase the girl from level 1.

Once you reach the pond, you must head to the east. You'll cross another bridge, where you're likely to encounter some Mushbooms. Continue fighting your way east until you can head north again. Follow the path north as it doubles back to the west. Cross another bridge, and battle all the way to the west until you're faced with a choice to exit to the north or to the west. To the north is Gaia's Navel, but to the west is a small village known as Kippo where you can rest and do some shopping.

Kippo Village[edit]

Secret of Mana map Kippo village.png
Candy Item 10gp
Elbow Pad H S 90
Kung Fu Dress G 350
Chain Vest H S 120
Hair Ribbon G 55
Cup of Wishes Item 150
Medical Herb Item 10

Kippo is a rather small village, and you won't obtain a lot of information here, but it is apparently the home of both Dyluck and the Cannon Travel man. If you're very low on hit points, consider staying at the inn. Even if you do not sleep there, you should save your game.

At the shop, only buy Elbow Pads for both characters (assuming you have the girl) if you have a lot of gold. They only offer a one point defense difference for the price. Depending on how much money you have, you should consider buying the Kung Fu dress for the girl, or Chain Mail for both characters. Saving up to buy one of each will take a lot of fighting, but it will give you the best defense for the journey into Gaia's Navel.

Gaia's Navel[edit]

Secret of Mana map Gaia Navel.png

There are two paths leading to and from Gaia's Navel, one to the south, leading back to Pandora, and one to the north which ultimately leads to the Haunted Forest. The rest of Gaia's Navel is composed of circular paths which wind their way to the center, where two caves are visible behind waterfalls. The primary enemies around Gaia's Navel are the Buzz Bees, although there are a few other enemies scattered around.

There are a couple of options as to what can happen at this point, based on whether or not you have recruited the girl from Pandora Castle.

If you have recruited the girl
If you travel all the way around to the center of Gaia's Navel and walk inside the left cave entrance behind the waterfall, the girl will get upset because this is not the way to locate Dyluck. At this point, you can either agree to leave with her, or insist on continuing.
If you insist on continuing
The girl will depart on her own to find Dyluck. You can proceed through Gaia's Navel until you reach the Dwarf Village. You will later be able to find her trapped by two Werewolves between the first and second maps of the Haunted Forest.
If you agree to leave with her
You will backtrack out of Gaia's Navel and exit through the path to the north. You will enter the Haunted Forest, but when you reach the bone pillars that block your passage, she will realize that you need an axe to proceed, and that you should find the dwarf village below Gaia's Navel in order to continue.
If you have not recruited the girl
You have the option of proceeding without her, or finding her first. Either way, you will find her trapped by two Werewolves between the first and second maps of the Haunted Forest. It's a good idea to find her if you have not found her already, as she will be helpful in the trip through Gaia's Navel. However, be prepared for the fight against the two Werewolves, as they are fairly powerful.
Secret of Mana map Gaia Navel tunnel a.png

Once you make it to the center of the naval, you'll have the choice between two entrances. The right entrance only leads to a small cavern where Neko is hiding out. Use him to save your game, and to at least stock up on Candy while you're there. The left entrance is the true entrance to the cave. You'll be greeted by a pair of Blat bats. Although they don't pose much of a threat, take the time to defeat them, as every amount of experience points you can get will help you. Beyond the Blats and up the stairs, you'll run into a Green Drop. Green Drops can be a bit of a threat. In addition to being able to poison you with their attacks, they also have the ability to divide into more Green Drops, making it difficult to get rid of them entirely. Do your best to defeat them, and pass through the door above.

Secret of Mana map Gaia Navel tunnel b.png

You'll be transported to a room above. In this room, you'll discover around four Goblins who are sleeping. They will wake up whenever you get near one of them, but their startled reaction should give you enough time to get at least one free hit on them. Try not to wake up and engage more than one Goblin at a time. Having the girl fighting alongside you will certainly make combat go more quickly. Make your way up and around to the staircase in the upper right corner of the map.

Secret of Mana map Gaia Navel tunnel c.png

On the floor below, you'll encounter a Blat. If you try to continue down from the Blat, you'll run into a river of lava which cannot be crossed. Your only choice is to climb up the stairs to the left and walk around the body of water. Near the top, you'll encounter another sleeping Goblin. On the other side, you'll find another Blat guarding a cave entrance leading up.

Secret of Mana map Gaia Navel tunnel d.png

That cave entrance leads to a narrow cavern. The cavern contains three dozing Goblins. Fight each one as you make your way to the top. After defeating the last Goblin, observe the tiny skull mounted on the wall in the back of the cavern. This skull is actually a switch. If you strike the switch, you'll hear the sound of rushing water. Return back down to the original section. In addition to a slab of rock making it easier for you to cross to the right, the water will have poured out across the lava, cooling it down enough for you to cross it.

Across the lava, the only thing of interest is the tunnel that takes you down to the lower portion of the large cavern. The other side is guarded by two sleeping Goblins who will awake upon your arrival. A Mushboom also occupies the area. Take them out carefully before crossing over to the left and climbing the stairs to fight a Green Drop. Beyond the Green Drop is a door leading up. It leads to a small room, where you'll find two more sleeping Goblins who are "guarding" a treasure chest. Defeat each one, and then open the chest to discover the Magic Rope. The Magic Rope is an item that will allow you to immediately escape a dungeon if you want a quick out, fear you are lost, or in danger of dying.

Return to the large cavern, and head down through the stairs marked D.

Secret of Mana map Gaia Navel tunnel e.png

When you arrive in the new area, you will be greeted by two Blats. If you choose to explore to the right, you will only find a dead-end containing a Green Drop. Instead, pass through the tunnel almost directly below where you arrived. This will send you on a long winding path that takes you down and around to the right. You'll pass some sleeping Goblins along the way, and encounter another Green Drop. In the end, you will only be able to explore the staircase marked E on the map shown to the left, as the stars marked F are blocked off by some rocks.

Secret of Mana map Gaia Navel tunnel f.png

Heading down through E will transport you to an empty room. One staircase to the right won't really be high enough for you to climb. You will be forced to use the staircase on the far right side of the room, which does bring you back up through staircase F, to the other side of the cavern above that was blocked off.

Back upon the floor above, you'll find another Goblin sleeping below a skull switch. Remove the Goblin and strike the switch. A nearby rock will sink through the ground to the floor below. Return through staircase F, and the rock will have fallen in place to allow you to enter through the door above via the staircase left-of-center. Pass through this door to enter the Dwarf Village.

Dwarf Village[edit]

Secret of Mana map Drawf village.png

The lower portion of Dwarf Village is bustling with Dwarfs who will talk to you. Among the things you can learn from them are the fact that the Underground Palace has been buried for a long time, and that a Sprite was washed down the tunnels and is somewhere in the village performing magic tricks.

Head up a little bit, and you'll start to find the shops, including an item shop, an inn, and the blacksmith. The item shop has a lot of protective gear that is a step up from what you've been able to purchase before. In particular, the Power Wrists are better arm protection, and the Spikey Suit and Head Gear are big upgrades for the boy.

You must make a visit to the blacksmith in the upper left corner of town. He'll immediately notice your sword and offer to make it stronger for 100 gold. Accept his offer, and he'll get to work fixing your sword. As a result, some of the mana power of the sword will seep into his hammer. He will then get to work on forging a hammer. You will now have a level 2 sword, the Broad Sword. As a result, you can upgrade your sword weapon skills to level 2 as well.

Afterwards, leaving the blacksmith and going to the right, now would be a good time to go Save at the Inn, as you pass in front of it, to record all your recently made progress.

The next stop is the unmarked door at the very top of the village. This will lead to a cavern with a branching path. If you explore the path to the right first, you'll find an old man who welcomes you to the village, and invites you to check out the left path. Follow the left path, and the dwarf will charge you 50 gold to see a show. Offer to pay, and the show will get off to a rocky start. Eventually, a Sprite will be on display. The dwarf will explain that it has a 50,000 gold debt to pay off. They will ask for a 100 gold donation, and you will be unable to refuse.

When the show is over, head out and follow the right path. You will overhear the Dwarf and Sprite talking, laughing about how they conned you out of your money. Walk over and confront them, and they will be shocked. The Dwarf explains that the Sprite was washed down in a flood, and he thought the show would be a way to earn enough money to help him get home. They will return your money to you.

Boss Battle: Tropicallo[edit]

Secret of Mana boss Tropicallo.png

As soon as you leave the Dwarf's home, the earth will shake. You will be transported to the bottom of the village, where a gigantic plant will burst through the ground. This is Tropicallo. Tropicallo can't move around other than by withdrawing from its current location and sprouting back up somewhere else. Access to Tropicallo is limited by the set of rocks that he is situated behind, so you can't simply run up to him and smack him with your weapons. You have to carefully attack him through the rocks.

He attacks by spitting rocks into the air, which you can dodge but should ultimately land on you. If the girl is in your party, then the boy or the girl will be attacked at random. In addition to the rocks, Tropicallo has two buds which come out of the ground and sprout vines which creep along the ground. They can be attacked as well, but you should focus on the main body, and only worry about the buds or the vines if they interfere with your ability to reach Tropicallo, or if you have time while it is withdrawn.

Continue to run to wherever Tropicallo appears, and strike him once his neck is fully extended. Do this until he is defeated. You will earn a Spear Orb for your success. Then the Dwarf and the Sprite from the show will appear. The elder Dwarf will explain that Tropicallo appeared from the Underground Palace, so a way in must have opened. Upon hearing that the Sprite might regain its memories through the power of Mana, it wants to find the way there. But the elder suggests it would be safer with companions. You must talk to the Sprite and it will offer to join you.

Then you must talk to the Elder. He explains that you can reach the Underground Palace through the new entrance in the middle of the village, but that Elinee the witch created a lava field to cut off access to the palace. He says you'll have to head through the Haunted Forest to speak with her. He gives you a Bow and Arrow set, and the Sprite will also be holding the Boomerang. Finally, he will tell you that the Watts the blacksmith is looking for you.

Secret of Mana map Haunted Forest path.png

Head back to the blacksmith, and he will explain that he created an axe, but that it's not very good. However, when he gives it to you, the Mana power awakens. In addition to the Boomerang and the Bow and Arrow, you now have three new weapons to master. Watts will then open up a shortcut from his home that leads straight to the entrance of Gaia's Navel, where Neko is still waiting. Before you head up the stairs, you should do two things.

First, talk to Watts, and let him upgrade the Spear with your newly obtained Spear Orb. That will turn it into a Heavy Spear. Second, return to the item shop to buy equipment for the Sprite. The Rabite Cap and the Power Wrist are relatively cheap ways to improve the Sprite's defense. If you held on to an extra Chain Vest, and can give that to the Sprite as well. Return to Watts' room and use his shortcut to exit back to Gaia's Navel. Be sure to save your game with Neko. Then circle back around to the outer rim and head North. This will take you to the region shown to the right. Follow it to the top and step in between the columns to be transported to the Haunted Forest.