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ChocolateSOM Chocolate.png
CandySOM Candy.png
Cup of WishesSOM Cup of Wishes.png
Faerie WalnutSOM Faerie Walnut.png
Royal JamSOM Royal Jam.png
Moogle BeltSOM Moogle Belt.png
Magic RopeSOM Magic Rope.png
Midge MalletSOM Midge Mallet.png
Flammie DrumSOM Flammie Drum.png
BarrelSOM Barrel.png
Medical HerbSOM Medical Herb.png

There are 11 obtainable items in Secret of Mana. For most of the items, you are allowed to carry up to four of each. The exceptions are Moogle Belt, Midge Mallet, Flammie Drum, and Magic Rope; these four items are only obtainable once, but you can use them as many times as you need to throughout the course of the game.

Items are usable through the game's ring menu, accessed by pressing the Y Button button (or X Button button for CPU-controlled characters). Select the item you want with the B Button button. Items cannot be used during cut-scenes and when your character is in the middle of casting a magic spell. If you cannot use a particular item at a certain time, you will not be able to choose it (for example, you cannot use the Flammie Drum while indoors, or you cannot use a Cup of Wishes when all of your party is alive). Click on an item to the right to get a detailed description.


SOM Candy.png Candy restores 100 hit points (HP).


SOM Chocolate.png Chocolate restores 250 hit points (HP).

Royal Jam[edit]

SOM Royal Jam.png Royal Jam will restore all hit points (HP).

Faerie Walnut[edit]

SOM Faerie Walnut.png Faerie Walnut restores 50 magic points (MP).

Medical Herb[edit]

SOM Medical Herb.png Medical Herb cures most status ailments, such as poison, engulfed, frostied and petrified. It will not cure Moogle or shrunken statuses.

Cup of Wishes[edit]

SOM Cup of Wishes.png Cup of Wishes revives a fallen ally.


SOM Barrel.png Barrel makes you temporarily invisible and invulnerable, however when wearing it you will not be able to run.

Magic Rope[edit]

SOM Magic Rope.png In almost all caves or dungeons, Magic Rope will immediately send you back to the entrance you last entered.

Flammie Drum[edit]

SOM Flammie Drum.png Flammie Drum will summon Flammie, to allow you to travel across the world. Unlimited use. Received automatically upon completing the Imperial Castle.

Midge Mallet[edit]

SOM Midge Mallet.png Midge Mallet will inflict or cure shrunken status ailment to a member of your party. Unlimited use. Return to Gaia's Navel just before you leave for the Upper Land and speak with the dwarf by the door to the Earth Palace to get it.

Moogle Belt[edit]

SOM Moogle Belt.png Moogle Belt will inflict or cure moogle status ailment to a member of your party. Unlimited use. Visit Sea Turtle Island in the sea west of Matango to get a Sea Hare's Tail. Take the tail to Kakkara and give it to the king to refill the spring. He will give you the Belt.