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DGS2 Episode 2 title.jpg

Case Information[edit]

DGS2 Episode 2 crime scene.jpg
  • Time of Crime: February 21st, 1:30 AM
  • Location: Residence of William Shamspeare
  • Defendant: Soseki Natsume
  • Victim: William Shamspeare
  • Cause of injury: Poison
  • Defense Attorney: Ryunosuke Naruhodo
  • Prosecution Lawyer: Barok van Zieks


Defense Attorney[edit]

DGS Ryunosuke.png

Ryunosuke Naruhodo

Coming off the heels of an acquittal for Soseki Natsume, rookie attorney Ryunosuke has chosen to represent Soseki in court yet again after he becomes the suspect in the poisoning of an acquaintance.


DGS Soseki.png

Soseki Natsume

An acquaintance of the victim's, Soseki's case isn't helped by the fact that he was the last person seen with Shamspeare. He claims that this is yet another result of his haunted lodgings.


DGS Shamspeare.png

William Shamspeare

An odd man who lives in the same building as Soseki Natsume, and was discovered to have been poisoned the next morning. He claims that this could only have been Soseki's doing.

Prosecution Lawyer[edit]

DGS Van Zieks.png

Barok van Zieks

The prosecutor in this case, Barok van Zieks has appeared against Ryunosuke in every one of his trials since arriving in the country.


DGS Metermann.png

Adron B. Metermann

Aside from the victim himself, Metermann is the only witness who can attest to the fact that Soseki was alone in the room with Shamspeare, as he was keeping watch outside.

Other Characters[edit]

DGS Susato.png

Susato Mikotoba

The judicial assistant to Ryunosuke, Susato always provides him with advice if he finds himself in a tough spot, and at times even speaks in court on his behalf.

DGS Sherlock.png

Herlock Sholmes

The great detective who regularly acts as an ally in Ryunosuke's investigations. While his deductions aren't always accurate, they provide the first step for Ryunosuke to figure out the truth himself.

DGS chara Iris.png

Iris Wilson

The ten-year-old assistant of Herlock Sholmes, Iris is exceptionally intelligent for her age and is always willing to provide Ryunosuke and Susato with a helping hand.

DGS Gregson.png

Inspector Tobias Gregson

A detective for Scotland Yard, Gregson usually acts as the primary investigator in the cases that Ryunosuke has found himself involved in so far.

DGS Green.png

Olive Green

The stabbing victim in Ryunosuke's previous case, for which Soseki was the initial suspect. She is an art student who appears to be perpetually negative.

DGS Garrideb.png

John Garrideb

The landlord of William Shamspeare and Soseki Natsume, he rented the rooms to the men for a cheap price due to their otherwise unappealing state.

DGS Altamont.png

Quinby Altamont

The wife of the man who runs the company that supplies gas to the building at the center of the case. She also acts as a juror in this case.