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Great Waterloo Hotel[edit]

The episode begins with Ryunosuke Naruhodo and Susato Mikotoba waiting for Yujin Mikotoba, Susato's father, and Seishiro Jigoku, the Japanese judge who Ryunosuke met in the first case of The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures, and who Susato spoke to in the first case of this game. Ryunosuke and Susato meet the two men at the Great Waterloo Hotel in London. Talk to Mikotoba and Jigoku about why they've come to London:

  • Your journey from Japan: Mikotoba believes that the only reason they were invited to the symposium was because of Jigoku's position as Minister of Foreign Affairs.
  • Kazuma's father: Mikotoba suspects that the reason Kazuma wanted to travel to Britain for the study tour was because he wanted to investigate his father's death.
  • Kazuma's reappearance: Mikotoba and Jigoku knew that Kazuma went missing in Hong Kong, but they were not told by Stronghart that he turned up in London alive.
  • Your time in Britain: Mikotoba and Jigoku recall their past in Britain, in the study tour cut short by Genshin Asogi's arrest.

After Susato leaves, Mikotoba laments his perceived failure as a father. Just as he's about to ask Ryunosuke for a favor, Susato returns for a group picture, ending the discussion. Move to the Lord Chief Justice's Office.

Lord Chief Justice's Office[edit]

Barok van Zieks is speaking with Stronghart upon Ryunosuke and Susato's arrival. After he leaves, Stronghart tells them about how his apprentice has gone missing. Talk to Stronghart:

  • The Forensic Science Symposium: Stronghart intends to have the British judicial system embrace forensic science, but Ryunosuke dealt a blow to this ambition by revealing the wrongdoings of Sithe's team.
  • The Forensic Investigation Team: Stronghart claims that public opinion has now turned on his forensic team, and the field has been set back significantly as a result.
  • The missing apprentice: Stronghart reveals that Kazuma has left London, but his specific whereabouts and his motivation for leaving remain a mystery.
  • Kazuma's father's crimes: Stronghart claims that the Professor had some supporters to his cause, as those he targeted were a blight on society. This seems oddly similar to the cause of the Reaper.

After discussing everything with Stronghart, move to Sholmes's Suite.

Sholmes's Suite[edit]

An unusual chaotic scene awaits. After Gina and the redheaded man and the boy leave, Ryunosuke and Susato are greeted by Iris and a redheaded Herlock Sholmes! Examine the newspaper on the couch to discover a likely cause for his red hair: an advertisement for the Red-Headed League. The Red-Headed League Article is entered into the Court Record. Present the Red-Headed League Article to get Sholmes to talk:

  • The Red-Headed League: Sholmes recounts how he applied to the Red-Headed League in order to obtain the salary they offered, until a blunder ruined his chances.
  • Your blunder: Sholmes says that his application wasn't even considered, as the assumption was that he was going undercover. He was so irritated that he turned the two men seen earlier over to the police.
  • Your two visitors: Sholmes claims that he would have ignored the petty crimes of the two men, if they hadn't made the mistake of targeting him.
  • The lie you told: Sholmes admits to having lied about Kazuma's death on the SS Burya, but he couldn't have foreseen his subsequent disappearance in Hong Kong.

After discussing everything with Sholmes, his visitor arrives. Her name is Evie Vigil, and she's in search of her missing husband. Talk to Evie:

  • Mrs Vigil: The reason Ryunosuke recognizes Evie is because she acted as a juror in the previous trial.
  • Mr Vigil: Evie shares some basic information about her husband, Daley Vigil, and believes his line of work as a prison warder may have something to do with his disappearance.
  • Prison warder: Evie explains that her husband is actually a chief warder, and his responsibilities include carrying out executions. The prison that employs him is Barclay Prison, next to Lowgate Cemetery.
  • Your husband's disappearance: Evie reveals that her husband has only been missing for a day, but claims that this is unusual behavior for him.

Sholmes agrees to take the case, and the Photograph of Mr Vigil is entered into the Court Record. Sholmes then sends Ryunosuke and Susato to investigate Daley Vigil's place of work, as he refuses to step out before figuring out how to revert his hair back to normal. Move to the Prison Governor's Office.

Note: For the Vigil case to appear, you must go through the dialogues in "Lord Chief's Office first or else the story won't continue.

Prison Governor's Office[edit]

This visit doesn't last long, as the governor of Barclay Prison, Barry Caidin, has no intention of speaking with Easterners. This is most likely due to the distrust sown by the Professor incident. However, Susato recalls hearing Caidin's name mentioned earlier. Move back to the Great Waterloo Hotel for some assistance.

Great Waterloo Hotel (2)[edit]

Examine Yujin Mikotoba to speak with him. Unfortunately, he doesn't have time to accompany Ryunosuke and Susato to the prison, but he is willing to provide them with a letter of introduction that should get him to open up. The Letter of Introduction is entered into the Court Record. With this new tool in hand, move back to the Prison Governor's Office.

Prison Governor's Office (2)[edit]

Present the Letter of Introduction and Caidin will change his tune. You can then talk to Caidin about the case:

  • Chief warder Vigil: Caidin reveals that Vigil actually left his job ten years ago and no longer works at the prison.
  • Ten years ago: Caidin explains that Vigil didn't leave his job by choice, but was actually dismissed after a certain execution.
  • Professor Mikotoba: Caidin expresses his respect for Mikotoba due to their time together in the past, but concludes that he doesn't understand the Japanese, most likely due to Genshin Asogi.

After the discussion, Caidin provides Ryunosuke and Susato with a souvenir for their trouble: Vigil's dismissal notice from ten years ago. The Dismissal Notice is entered into the Court Record. He asks Ryunosuke and Susato not to come back to the prison in return for this favor, but whether or not a return trip will be necessary remains to be seen. Move to Sholmes's Suite to update Sholmes.

Sholmes's Suite (2)[edit]

Shortly after arriving here, Sholmes has his hair dyed light blue and before you give and Susato give the news on Mr. Vigil, Gina makes a shocking appearance, and she has some bad news, while still upset and full of tears. Talk to Gina for some more information:

  • The inspector's death: Gregson was shot in a room on Fresno Street. His presence there is a mystery, as there was no case to investigate in the area.
  • The culprit: Barok van Zieks has been arrested for the murder of Gregson, as a witness claimed to have seen him.
  • Lord van Zieks: Multiple witnesses heard the gunshot that landed Van Zieks in the custody of Scotland Yard.

You now have a new case to investigate. Move to the Prison to meet with Barok van Zieks.


Van Zieks isn't very welcoming, but an appeal from Susato opens him up for conversation. Talk to Barok van Zieks:

  • What happened: Van Zieks says that he heard the gunshot, but he doesn't actually know what happened himself.
  • Your defence: Van Zieks refuses any assistance from Ryunosuke, though it seems that no other lawyer wants to get involved in his case.
  • Professor Harebrayne's letter: Van Zieks has been reading a letter from Harebrayne telling him of his safe arrival. He should be out of the reach of the Reaper now that he's abroad.

Van Zieks ends the conversation there, but Ryunosuke isn't done investigating his case. Move to the Fresno Street Room.

Fresno Street Room[edit]

After being greeted by Gina, start investigating the crime scene. Pan right and examine the rope on the floor, indicating the position of the victim's body. It looks like he was curled up on the floor when he died. Examine the red wig near the rope. Red hair seems to have been coming up a lot lately, and it surely can't be a coincidence. The Red Hairpiece is entered into the Court Record.

Examine the gun on the floor. This appears to be the murder weapon. The Revolver is entered into the Court Record. Examine the toy near the gun. It looks like a model of a policeman, and it's small enough to fit in someone's pocket, making it possible that it was dropped at the time of the crime. The Policeman Figurine is entered into the Court Record.

Examine the candle holder on the wall above. It looks like one of the candles has been blown off, possibly by the gunshot that killed Gregson. The Candelabrum is entered into the Court Record.

Pan left and examine the board. Oddly enough, there are case notes, an autopsy report, and prisoner information posted here, as well as the Red-Headed League advertisement. Examine the frame on the table in front of the board. In it is a photograph of Evie Vigil. The Framed Photograph is entered into the Court Record.

Talk to Gina for more details on the case:

  • Inspector Gregson: Gina says that Gregson became a legend in Scotland Yard after he solved a difficult case, and has gone on investigations on his own ever since. He also respected the Reaper.
  • The crime scene: This room is rented by a man named Hugh Boone, though the detectives can't reach him at the moment. There's a theory that Hugh Boone may actually be Gregson.
  • The incident: Street sellers outside the room heard the gunshot and are now witnesses to the crime, but they can't be spoken to just yet.

After examining the scene and speaking to Gina, move to the Lord Chief Justice's Office.

Lord Chief Justice's Office (2)[edit]

Upon arriving, Stronghart is conversing with none other than Kazuma Asogi. As it turns out, Kazuma will be handling the prosecution of the trial. Talk to Stronghart:

  • Tomorrow's trial: Stronghart believes that tomorrow's trial will be a swift one.
  • Prosecutor Asogi: Apparently, Kazuma asked to be assigned to the prosecution for this case.
  • The killer's gun: The gun at the scene is a model that was issued to law enforcement, including prosecutors.

Examine Kazuma to speak to him. He shares the story of his journey to Britain, and thanks Ryunosuke for carrying out his role in his place. Kazuma then reveals that he wants to see Ryunosuke representing Barok van Zieks in the trial, and provides a bit of advice along with a photograph that should assist in getting through to the Reaper. Gregson's Photograph is entered into the Court Record. Move to the Prison.

Prison (2)[edit]

Present Gregson's Photograph to open Barok van Zieks up for conversation, then talk to him:

  • Asogi: Van Zieks expresses his hatred for the Asogi name, ever since Genshin Asogi was convicted for the murder of his brother.
  • The Nipponese bane: Van Zieks explains the origin of his hatred of the Japanese, rekindled by the arrival of Ryunosuke.
  • Inspector Gregson: Van Zieks reveals that the Professor was arrested due to decisive evidence uncovered by Inspector Gregson.
  • Your gun: Van Zieks is adamant that the gun found at the scene wasn't his, but he did misplace his own firearm.

Van Zieks at last agrees to allow Ryunosuke to defend him in court tomorrow. It's now up to you to ensure that his belief in Ryunosuke isn't in vain.