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During the break, Ryunosuke, Susato, Gina, and Sholmes discuss the trial so far. The omission of the time of death in Gregson's autopsy report bears similarity to the previous case, in which the autopsy report was fabricated by Courtney Sithe. Gregson's investigation of the Red-Headed League also remains a mystery, but with the arrival of the new witnesses, it's time to get to the bottom of it.

Court Trial Continues[edit]

As usual, after the procedures, it turns out the Red-Headed League leaders turn out to be the same man and boy from the beginning of the investigation in Sholmes' Suite before. After revealing what the Red-Headed League does, they'll testify about Gregson with red hair in the photograph. However, they're convince that it's not Inspector Gregson whom they met yesterday. Could they be right? Let's find out.

De Rousseau and De Rossi's Testimony: The Man in the Photograph[edit]

Fabien de Rousseau and Peppino de Rossi
Fabien de Rousseau and Peppino de Rossi's Testimony
- The Man in the Photograph -
  1. De Rousseau: We 'ad more zan one thousand red-'eaded people assemble in ze park on Lime Street zat day.
  2. De Rossi: But I don't recall the man in this-a photograph. Ay, capo?
  3. De Rousseau: Non, I don't remember 'im. Obviously 'e is dead now. But I assure you, 'e was not in ze park.
  4. De Rossi: Allora! This victim is-a nothing to do with us!
  5. De Rousseau: You 'ave a lot to answer for, Peppino. It is your fault zat we got caught in ze first place.

The Man in the Photograph: Cross Examination[edit]

DGS2 icon Inspector's Identification.png

Press statement 3. De Rousseau and De Rossi are certain that they saw the victim, but how could they be with the number of people they saw that day? When given the choice to provide a detail of the victim to them, choose his profession. De Rousseau says this changes nothing, but De Rossi disagrees. Pursue De Rossi and he explains that they did in fact meet a detective that day, though he didn't look like the victim. He even showed them identification, which they have with them now. The Inspector's Identification is entered into the Court Record.

Examine the clasp on the Inspector's Identification to open it up. It appears that this ID is actually genuine, and that it belonged to Gregson. Present the Inspector's Identification on statement 4. Gina confirms that the ID did indeed belong to Gregson, making it possible that he was killed before he could report it missing. The judge orders De Rousseau and De Rossi to testify about their connection to the detective.

De Rousseau and De Rossi's Testimony: The Detective and the Identification[edit]

Fabien de Rousseau and Peppino de Rossi
Fabien de Rousseau and Peppino de Rossi's Testimony
- The Detective and the Identification -
  1. De Rousseau: Ze, ze truth is, we took 'im prisoner and kept 'im for ze night at our secret 'ideout.
  2. De Rousseau: Even though I didn't sink 'e was a real detective, I, I was too scared to let 'im go zat day, just in case.
  3. De Rossi: We took the man's identification from him and shut-a him in the room next to ours!
  4. De Rousseau: Zere might 'ave been a little tussle, but we did 'im no 'arm. And ze next mornin', we let 'im go.
  5. De Rossi: He spent-a the night in a nice room! It was-a nothing like prison really! Uèèèèèè!

The Detective and the Identification: Cross Examination[edit]

Press statement 4. When De Rousseau glosses over the tussle, De Rossi will have something to add. Pursue De Rossi and he will present a red ring around his neck, given to him by De Rousseau. When asked if this information matters, choose it's important. The judge will then order him to amend his testimony.

Present the Photograph of the Victim on the new statement 4. There are no such rings around the victim's neck. When asked to explain who then could have appeared before De Rousseau and De Rossi, choose an imposter. The judge will then ask who this imposter was. Earlier, there was indeed a man in the court who had a bruise on his neck. Present Gossip as the imposter. He is then called to the stand.

De Rousseau, Gossip and De Rossi's Testimony: The Inspector and the Identification Revisited[edit]

Fabien de Rousseau, Gossip and Peppino de Rossi
Fabien de Rousseau, Gossip and Peppino de Rossi's Testimony
- The Inspector and the Identification Revisited -
  1. De Rousseau: Ze man who claimed to be an inspector zat day... was definitely not zis man.
  2. De Rossi: Is right, si! You think we would-a forget these grand lips, uh?
  3. Gossip: I never leave Fresno Street, alright? I've no interest in any Red-Headed League.
  4. Gossip: I'm all alone in the world, me. I've no kinfolk or nothing. Why would I be involved in something like that?
  5. Gossip: Just look at me, eh. Doz it look like I could carry off a disguise with a face like this?

The Inspector and the Identification Revisited: Cross Examination[edit]

Press statement 3. When Gossip says he wouldn't be caught in another part of town, De Rousseau will disagree. Pursue De Rousseau. He reveals that he saw Gossip with a housing agent, and De Rossi will add to this by revealing that the name on the papers was "Hugh Boone." Gossip admits that this is indeed his real name, and he does in fact rent the room on Fresno Street where Gregson was found. The judge orders him to add this to his testimony.

Present the Framed Photograph on statement 4. If the room really did belong to this man, then surely the photograph found inside would mean something to him. He continues to deny, but there is one way to get him to talk: exposing his true identity. Present Daley Vigil as the true identity of Gossip and Hugh Boone. He'll be restrained by the Red-Headed League leaders as his identity is finally removed by security. De Rousseau and De Rossi recognizes him as Daley Vigil without the Gossip disguise as the person they encountered yesterday, confirming to the judge.

Gossip unmasked[edit]

Gossip transforms into Daley Vigil as his disguise is removed, and he explains how his new identity came to be. After he left his job as chief warder, he began working as a peddler in an attempt to support his family, though he didn't tell them of this. Gregson discovered Vigil at work and became sympathetic, offering him a new job as something of a secret assistant to him. Thus, Vigil did indeed investigate the Red-Headed League that day, on Gregson's orders. De Rousseau and De Rossi could not have been responsible for the death of Gregson, as they were detaining Vigil at the time.

Unfortunately for you, Ryunosuke, your cross examination allows De Rousseau and De Rossi to be set free. Sadly, the death of Inspector Gregson is till a mystery for the time being. At least you save the trouble of finding Daley Vigil for not just Miss Vigil but also Herlock Sholmes as well.

The judge believes this concludes Vigil's involvement in this case, but Kazuma interrupts and has another question he wants answered: what exactly happened on the day that Genshin Asogi was to be executed? Vigil does not recall, but Ryunosuke just might have something that could jog his memory. When he wonders if he should present the evidence, choose to do it. Then present the Dismissal Notice. Vigil's memories come flooding back, unveiling a deep conspiracy. It ends as Daley Vigil rolls his eyes and collapsed on the floor, after he sees a flashback of being fired from Caidin. This ends as Daley is being transported to the hospital as Ryunosuke and Susato looks upon in horror in Kazuma's determination to get to the truth. Plus the judge has adjourned this case for the day.