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Sholmes's Suite[edit]

Coming back after the trial, Ryunosuke Narahudo and Susato Mikotoba go over the horrible revelation about Kazuma's real intentions. Iris Wilson wants to discuss how the trial is going since she's stuck at home typing while Herlock Sholmes is out somewhere, investigating in his own way. Talk to Iris Wilson to get the ball rolling:

  • This morning's trial: Ryunosuke and Susato reflect on the trial, particularly concerned with Kazuma's troubling behavior.
  • The Reaper's innocence: Van Zieks couldn't have committed the crime if it occurred the day before the body was discovered, but it is still unknown why he was investigating Gregson.
  • Gregson's movements: Iris points out that Gregson could have been using Daley Vigil to establish an alibi, but what could he have been trying to hide?
  • Mr Vigil's condition: Daley Vigil is now being held at St Synner's after his breakdown in court. Perhaps he should be checked on.

Iris will now be accompanying Ryunosuke and Susato. Move to the Lord Chief Justice's Office.

Lord Chief Justice's Office[edit]

It seems that Stronghart is upset with Kazuma for prolonging the trial, but Ryunosuke and Susato still need information from him. Talk to Stronghart:

  • The Reaper: Since it is now a possibility that Barok van Zieks actually did commit murder as the Reaper, Stronghart opted to go with a closed trial due to the impact these revelations would have.
  • Closed trial: Although Stronghart intended the closed trial to be a quick one, he believes Kazuma may have an ulterior motive that can cause trouble.

Move to the Prison to catch up with Barok van Zieks.


Van Zieks is as unwelcoming as ever, though he may be softening up just a bit. Talk to Barok van Zieks:

  • The Reaper's identity: Van Zieks has been investigating the Reaper himself, and he believes the man behind it all is Tobias Gregson.
  • Gregson's secret: Van Zieks believes that Gregson was only the tactician behind the murders, and the assassin that carried them out was Asa Shinn.
  • Prosecutor Asogi: Van Zieks can't make sense of the murder of his brother, as Genshin Asogi's previous targets were corrupt aristocrats.
  • Saving your life: Van Zieks tells the story of how Genshin saved his life, shortly before taking the life of his brother.

Move to the Great Waterloo Hotel to meet with Yujin Mikotoba.

Great Waterloo Hotel[edit]

After Iris introduces herself to Susato's father and Ryunosuke is praised for a job well done in court, talk to Yujin Mikotoba:

  • About the Reaper: Mikotoba is shocked to learn that the person behind the Reaper killings is Asa Shinn, the killer of Dr Wilson in Japan.
  • Dr Wilson's death: While Ryunosuke believes that Dr Wilson was the father of Iris, Mikotoba seems certain that he wasn't the partner of Herlock Sholmes.
DGS2 icon Commemorative Photo.png
  • Judge Jigoku: Mikotoba believes that Jigoku is probably exploring the Great Exhibition currently, though he has a copy of the group photo taken earlier. The Commemorative Photograph is entered into the Court Record.
  • The favour: Mikotoba wants Ryunosuke to return to Japan in order to improve his home country's judicial system.

Suddenly, Sholmes came out of nowhere after listening in to the conversation. He has a telegram and wonders who he can give it to. Susato suggests Yujin, her father. Trying to ask why but Sholmes is in a hurry, left the telegram for Susato to deliver and Iris calls for the carriage to be ready. What's going with everyone? Who knows.

Move to Mr Vigil's Hospital Bed.

Mr Vigil's Hospital Bed[edit]

Daley Vigil is finally ready to recall the memories that he buried long ago. Talk to Daley Vigil:

  • Gregson's request: Vigil says that Gregson tasked him with manufacturing alibis for the inspector whenever he was investigating the Reaper.
  • The prison escape: Vigil believes that Genshin Asogi had assistance in his prison escape, though he wasn't aware at the time that such a scheme was taking place despite the signs.
  • The convict, Asogi: Vigil recalls his last interaction with Genshin in the prison, involving the writing of what appeared to be a will.
  • Asogi's will: Vigil shares that Asogi described his will as a weapon. It vanished shortly afterward.
  • The will's disappearance: It seems Caidin also knew about the will based on his desperation to find it, though he referred to it as the "Asogi Papers."

With this new information comes more questions. A visit to Caidin is needed for some answers. Move to the Prison Governor's Office.

Prison Governor's Office[edit]

It seems that Caidin isn't eager to share what he knows about the Asogi Papers. Talk to Caidin:

  • Ten-year-old legacy: Caidin maintains that Courtney Sithe and Daley Vigil were responsible for the prisoner's escape ten years ago.
  • Gorey: Maria Gorey took the place of her mother, Courtney Sithe, as coroner for this case. It might be worth a visit to ask her some questions.
DGS2 icon Asogi Papers.png
  • The Asogi Papers: Caidin denies that the Asogi Papers ever went missing, and even has them on hand. The Asogi Papers are entered into the Court Record.

Caidin orders Ryunosuke to keep the Asogi Papers confidential before he leaves, under the belief that they have nothing to do with Gregson's case. Ryunosuke has no choice but to agree. Move to the Prosecutor's Office.

Prosecutor's Office[edit]

It's finally time to hear Kazuma's side of the story. Talk to Kazuma Asogi:

  • Your disappearance: Kazuma explains how he disappeared due to a bout of amnesia.
  • Your journey to Britain: Kazuma says that it was due to his knowledge of English and his knowledge of the law that he was able to make it to Britain despite his lack of memory.
  • Your father, Genshin: Kazuma always suspected that his father hadn't actually died due to illness, but it was an anonymous letter from Britain that revealed the truth to him.
  • Letter from Britain: Kazuma showed the letter to Judge Jigoku, whose reaction convinced Kazuma that he had to go to Britain to uncover the truth himself.
  • The Reaper's trial: Kazuma still believes that Barok van Zieks is the Reaper. He still seems to hold a grudge against him for the death of his father.

Present the Autopsy Report and Kazuma will allow Ryunosuke to visit Maria Gorey. Move to the Forensics Laboratory to do so.

Forensics Laboratory[edit]

Present the Autopsy Report to Maria Gorey to ask her about the missing information:

  • Time of death: Gorey says she was ordered not to include the time of death in the report by Mael Stronghart. In truth, it is indeterminate.
  • Indeterminate: Gorey reveals that the body was fresh when she received it, but the fish in his pocket had already started to rot. The state of the body could have been a result of manipulation.

Gorey then shares that her mother not only performed the autopsy on Genshin, but Klint van Zieks as well. Talk to Maria Gorey:

  • Confirmation of death: Gorey only found about her mother's involvement in Genshin's prison escape recently, but she believes the prison governor must have also been involved.
  • Klint's autopsy: Gorey reveals that Yujin Mikotoba was present for the autopsy, though the report went missing following a visit by Herlock Sholmes.

There's still more investigating to do at the crime scene. But for some reason, Iris goes home to make more tea. Why did she leave your group alone? Anyway, it's just you, Ryunosuke and Susato. Move to the Fresno Street Room.

Fresno Street Room[edit]

Examine the trunk on the floor. Gina will arrive to claim that the trunk is hers. Talk to Gina:

  • Your boss: Gina reveals that Gregson's notebook was found to have details of crimes committed by the Reaper.
  • The secret notebook: Gina found the name "Shinn" written in Gregson's notebook, though she doesn't know its meaning.
  • Your investigations: Gina says she did some investigating of her own with the help of Toby, though she doesn't reveal any results.
  • The hellhound: When given the option to present Toby with a piece of evidence, present the Red Hairpiece, Policeman Figurine, Gregson's Pocket Watch, or Inspector's Identification. Toby's actions indicate that the trunk belongs to Gregson.
  • The metal trunk: Gina admits that she found the trunk in the possession of Sandwich.
DGS2 icon Gregson's Trunk.png
Best Chips in Town
Gold Trophy unlocked.png
Best Chips in Town
Talk to Gina after Ryunosuke regains consciousness following the incident with Toby.

After the discussion, Gina finally relents and allows Ryunosuke and Susato to examine the trunk. Gregson's Trunk is entered into the Court Record. Ryunosuke is then attacked by Toby, after which he'll find himself in a new location. When given the choice, move back to the Fresno Street Room and interact with Gina before continuing the story. You should see some new dialogue and obtain an accolade for doing this in the Chronicles version of the game. Then move to Sholmes's Suite to continue.

Sholmes's Suite (2)[edit]

After being attacked by Toby, Inspector Lestrade's dog, and moving from your office, you'll find another bizarre mystery. Iris is upset, the dishes are broken, a man with a mask is laying on the couch, and some music is playing. So how can this be solved? Herlock Sholmes is on the case.

The Great Deduction: Man's Identity[edit]

Herlock Sholmes
Herlock Sholmes' Reasoning
- Topic 1: Man's Identity -
  1. Firstly, we consider the gentleman's nationality. Clearly he's a German with no grasp of the English language...
  2. evidenced by the Germanic song he sings and his apparent inability to understand when asked to desist.
  3. So...why is the man here at all, and in such apparently high spirits?
  4. The answer of course, clearly known to you.
  5. Indeed, we need only follow the gaze of those bright, young eyes to unravel that particular part of this mystery.
  6. The reason for the man's mildly irritating warbling is revealed by the herbal tea!
  7. You obviously offered our German guest a cup of your latest herbal blend.
  8. The tea's delectable flavour has made the man's spirits soar...
  9. ...and resulted in this joyful ditty tumbling incessantly from his lips.
  10. I eagerly await sampling the flavour myself, that I may join the fellow in his state of elation.
  11. Now to the next question:
  12. Who exactly is this gentleman availing himself so thoroughly of the settee?
  13. As it happens, a number of years ago now...
  14. ...a certain gentleman of German origin engaged my services in solving a particularly delicate case.
  15. He required the retrieval of letters once sent to an acquaintance, that might have proved..problematic.
  16. In order to conceal his noble identity, he also arrived at my office in a mask.
  17. The gentleman's name was Wilhelm Gottsreich Sigismond von Ormstein...
  18. ...the King of Germany.
  19. If my memory serves...the mask worn by this gentleman is identical.
  20. Yes, there can be no question! That mask belongs to the King of Germany!
  21. It appears that His Majesty remembers the fine service I afforded him...
  22. ...and has decided to show his face again, mask and all, in order to express his gratitude.
  23. A well-mannered monarch indeed. Wouldn't you agree, my dear fellow?
  24. So the identity of this masked visitor is in fact my former client...the King of Germany!
  25. Indeed, his son is currently in London as well, enjoying the wonders of the Great Exhibition.

Conclusion: The King of Germany

Man's Identity: Course Correction[edit]

On statement 6, point to the gramaphone. The source of the music was not the man, but a record that hasn't been stopped. Once the music is off, continue to correct Sholmes' mistakes. On statement 20, Sholmes claims that the mask worn by the man belongs to the King of Germany. State instead that the mask belongs to Kazuma Asogi, acquired following the previous case. Once the mask is removed, Susato shockingly realizes that the man's identity is actually Yujin Mikotaba, her dad!

Conclusion: Yujin Mikotoba

The Great Deduction: Girl's Silence[edit]

Herlock Sholmes
Herlock Sholmes' Reasoning
- Topic 2: Girl's Silence -
  1. Which leaves us with one remaining imponderable., young Iris.
  2. But your apparently inexplicable unable to hide the truth.
  3. Yes, the reason for your muteness is concealed inside that knapsack!
  4. A five pound note, I believe. I must say, as your compatriot, I'm deeply saddened.
  5. It would appear that you've allowed yourself to be bribed into silence by His Royal Highness.
  6. Earning yourself some spending money in exchange for keeping quiet about the King's secret.
  7. And now, the final piece of the puzzle...
  8. What is this secret you strive to hide with your silence, Iris?
  9. Ah, yes! We need only follow that brief, involuntary twitch of your eyes to find the answer.
  10. You were attempting to abscond with that coffee cup!
  11. My favourite coffee cup, in fact.
  12. Or should I say, the handle of my favourite coffee cup?
  13. It appears that His High-Spirited Highness broke it in the midst of his high jinks.
  14. Which leads us to the sad truth...
  15. My favourite coffee cup has been broken by the King of Germany - and Iris, you tried to conceal it from me!
  16. ...I shall have a bill sent via governmental channels to the German royal family for its replacement.

Conclusion: To hide the coffee cup

Girl's Silence: Course Correction[edit]

On statement 3, point to the metal chest that Iris is looking at. But once Herlock opens the chest, he gets hit and lies on top of Yujin! Iris screams in horror, but Ryunosuke knows why Iris is worried about the chest. Point to the key that she's holding in her hand. When Iris screamed, it became clear that she was hiding the key which she previously used to open the chest, prior to Ryunosuke and Susato's arrival. It also explains how the tea set broke and why Susato's dad is holding the other teacup while wearing a tablecloth and Asogi's mask.

Just when you think it's over, Sholmes quickly wakes up and points out that Iris tried to take the teacup handle away. But if you look underneath the plate that she's holding, you should see that she's actually hiding a case file. Ryunosuke recalls that during their visit to the office previously owned by Courtney Sithe, now belonging to Maria Gorey, Klint's autopsy report was nowhere to be found.

In a reaction that could only be described as out of character, Iris decided to quickly rush home to make tea but actually, she was trying to confirm the handwriting of Dr. Wilson when Yujin Mikotoba showed up and everything went absurdly wrong. Iris finally admits what she has done while crying her eyes out, and at last the dance of deduction is finally over.

Conclusion: To hide the case file

The Legendary Pair
Bronze Trophy unlocked.png
The Legendary Pair
Complete Episode 4

In a summary, Iris wanted know if the writing belongs to her dad before giving it Susato via Court Records. But in another twist, Susato recognizes that it's not Dr John Wilson's handwriting, it's her fathers! After a wide colorful explanation, not to mention that Herlock's previous partner is Yujin himself, they're going to someplace on a secret mission. You and Susato will have the knowledge to take on what could be the most difficult case ever tomorrow.