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DGS2 Episode 3 title.jpg

Case Information[edit]

DGS2 Episode 3 crime scene.jpg
  • Time of Crime: October 21st, 2:20 PM
  • Location: London's Great Exhibition
  • Defendant: Albert Harebrayne
  • Victim: Odie Asman
  • Cause of death: Broken neck/stab wound
  • Murder weapon: Harebrayne's experiment/screwdriver
  • Defense Attorney: Ryunosuke Naruhodo
  • Prosecution Lawyer: Barok van Zieks


Defense Attorney[edit]

DGS Ryunosuke.png

Ryunosuke Naruhodo

After having spent six months away from the courtroom, Ryunosuke is back to put his skills to the test. He accepts the case immediately due to his eagerness to return, but it may turn out being more than he bargained for.


DGS Harebrayne.png

Albert Harebrayne

A scientist with great aspirations, Harebrayne's plans go awry when his experiment leads to an apparent death on the grandest stage in the world. Still, he seems to think that the experiment itself was a success.


DGS2 chara Asman.png

Odie Asman

The investor behind Harebrayne's experiment, Asman seems to have exhibited so much confidence in the experiment that he was willing to test it himself. Still, there may be more to this man than meets the eye.

Prosecution Lawyer[edit]

DGS Van Zieks.png

Barok van Zieks

The prosecutor in this case, Barok van Zieks continues his rivalry against Ryunosuke. The defendant is an old friend of his, which only makes his decision to take on this case more puzzling.


DGS GinaInspector.png

Gina Lestrade

A former pickpocket, Gina has turned her life around by becoming an apprentice to Inspector Gregson. She witnessed the crime while riding a hot air balloon.

DGS Lune.png

Balthazar Lune

The man who operated the hot air balloons in the space where the experiment took place. He witnessed the crime while operating a balloon that floated above the crime scene.

DGS Gotts.png


A Bohemian youth who witnessed the crime while riding a hot air balloon.

Other Characters[edit]

DGS Susato.png

Susato Mikotoba

The judicial assistant to Ryunosuke, Susato always provides him with advice if he finds himself in a tough spot, and at times even speaks in court on his behalf.

DGS Sherlock.png

Herlock Sholmes

The great detective who regularly acts as an ally in Ryunosuke's investigations. While his deductions aren't always accurate, they provide the first step for Ryunosuke to figure out the truth himself.

DGS chara Iris.png

Iris Wilson

The ten-year-old assistant of Herlock Sholmes, Iris is exceptionally intelligent for her age and is always willing to provide Ryunosuke and Susato with a helping hand.

DGS Gregson.png

Inspector Tobias Gregson

A detective for Scotland Yard, Gregson usually acts as the primary investigator in the cases that Ryunosuke has found himself involved in so far.

DGS2 chara Masked Apprentice.png

Masked Apprentice

A mysterious apprentice to Barok van Zieks, making his debut in the courtroom in this case as a judicial assistant for the prosecution. He seems familiar...

DGS Tusspells.png

Esmeralda Tusspells

The owner of a wax museum in the area, Tusspells is dealing with her own mystery at the moment.

DGS Sithe.png

Courtney Sithe

The head of Stronghart's new forensics team, effectively making her the lead investigator in this case. She also performed the autopsy on the victim.

DGS Drebber.png

Enoch Drebber

The mysterious engineer behind Harebrayne's experiment.