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The opening cutscene shows a public display of scientific teleportation. When things go horribly wrong, the screen gets covered up in smoke.

Sholmes's Suite[edit]

This story takes place six months after getting Gina Lestrade a not guilty verdict for the murder of Pop Windibank, as seen in the final episode of The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures. You, playing as Ryunosuke Naruhodo, start off in Sholmes's Suite. Talk to Herlock Sholmes:

  • Events six months ago: You recall how your right to represent others in court was revoked, and you intend to ask Stronghart for that right to be reinstated.
DGS2 icon Great Exhibition Newspaper.png
  • The Great Exhibition: Iris shares her excitement about the scientific advancements showcased at the Great Exhibition, but Sholmes alludes to something darker. The Great Exhibition Newspaper is entered into the Court Record.
  • Your gloomy mood: Sholmes claims that a case is the cause of his mood, but Iris feels as if he's hiding something.

Examine the back page of the Great Exhibition Newspaper to unlock a new topic of conversation:

  • 'The Reaper Attacked': Apparently, it isn't uncommon for Barok van Zieks to be attacked in an act of revenge against his "Reaper's curse," though the latest attack was carried out by men with firearms.

Move to the Lord Chief Justice's Office for some answers.

Lord Chief Justice's Office[edit]

Upon entering the area, You and Iris are greeted by the Lord Chief Justice himself, who fills you in on an exciting new event. Talk to Mael Stronghart

  • Permission to work: Stronghart mentions Kazuma's "mission," which strikes you as odd, but reinstate your right to practice law nevertheless.
  • A curious affair: Stronghart reveals the case that you will be taking on, involving the murder of Odie Asman at the hands of Professor Albert Harebrayne's experiment gone wrong.
  • Forensic Science Symposium: Stronghart professes his admiration for forensic science, and reveals his desire to establish a forensics department in order to reduce crime.

Present the Great Exhibition Newspaper for news on van Zieks:

  • Van Zieks's condition: Van Zieks survived the attack, but as it turns out, the men who attacked him worked for Odie Asman...

It's time to investigate this incident by speaking to the man at the center of it. Move to the Prosecutor's Office.

Prosecutor's Office[edit]

Inspirational Roots
Silver Trophy unlocked.png
Inspirational Roots
Present the Armband to Barok van Zieks.

Present the Armband to van Zieks to hear his thoughts on it, and unlock an accolade in the Chronicles version of the game. To progress the story, present the Great Exhibition Newspaper.

  • Your apprentice: Van Zieks reveals that he doesn't even know the identity of his apprentice, and only took him on because Stronghart ordered him to.
  • The Reaper's identity: Van Zieks denies any involvement with the Reaper's "curse," but he doesn't mind taking on the burden of that identity due to the decrease in crime.
  • Last night's attack: Van Zieks claims that Asman was a despicable criminal, despite his status now as a murder victim.
  • Your contemporary: Van Zieks shares that Albert Harebrayne, the defendant, was an old friend of his from his university days.

It's now time to investigate the suspect. Move to the Prison.


Meet Albert Harebrayne, the man responsible for the disastrous experiment that reportedly took a man's life... Though he claims it was still a success. Talk to Harebrayne:

  • Yesterday's demonstration: Harebrayne doesn't deny that he was involved in the death of a man, but he wishes to avoid a murder charge in order to protect his machine from being investigated.
  • Instantaneous kinesis: Harebrayne claims that his theory was sound, but it wouldn't have mattered without a practical demonstration, for which he required an investment.
  • The victim: Harebrayne shares that Asman provided him with monetary funding and an engineer to put his theory into action, and if the demonstration were to be successful, he would be able to acquire additional funding from the British government.
  • The Reaper's varsity years: Harebrayne claims that the Barok van Zieks he knew was a perfect gentleman, but he was already in Germany by the time the Reaper rumors started.

You agree to represent Harebrayne in court, so the next step is to investigate the crime scene. Move to the Experimentation Stage.

Experimentation Stage[edit]

Upon arriving, you and Iris spot some old friends in the middle of a heated discussion. After that winds down, talk to Gina:

  • About Gina: Gina explains how she came to be a detective, as well as her rationale for how she dodged the Reaper's curse.
  • Yesterday's incident: Gina claims to have witnessed the experiment in its entirety, which would make her a witness to the crime.
DGS2 icon Experiment Sketch.png
  • Successful experiment?: Gina reveals that the experiment was successful in a way, because the victim was found in the Crystal Tower, far from the site of the stage where he started out. The Experiment Sketch that illustrates the intended trajectory is added to the Court Record.
  • About the investigation: Gina reveals that the Forensic Investigation Team took the investigation of this crime scene out of the hands of the Scotland Yard detectives.
DGS2 icon Mysterious Contraption.png

Examine the mysterious contraption leaning on the shrub to the right of the screen. It looks like this may have something to do with the case. The Mysterious Contraption is entered into the Court Record.

DGS2 icon Piece of Green Cloth.png

Examine the piece of green cloth on the ground. Iris believes that the material is canvas due to its stiff nature, and the scorch marks on it are also suspect. The Piece of Green Cloth is entered into the Court Record. Pan up and examine the wreckage in the Crystal Tower to conclude the investigation here. Could the experiment really have been a success? Examine the stairs to the left to make your way to the platform above.


Examine the machine and Gregson will dart over to warn you and Iris not to touch anything. Examine the machine again to find a mysterious screwdriver, and receive another warning from Gregson in the process. Talk to Gregson for some more information:

  • Government policy: Gregson explains that scientists have many rights due to government policy, and so the detectives cannot examine Harebrayne's machine.
  • Special dispensation: Gregson reveals his disdain for science due to the ways in which scientists can obtain confidentiality and scam the government for grant money.
  • Professor Harebrayne: It seems Gregson was unaware of the connection between the defendant and Prosecutor van Zieks.
  • The mystery of the Reaper: Gregson seems to fully believe that Prosecutor van Zieks has no involvement with the Reaper, and would even stake his reputation on it.

Since investigation here is restricted, it seems as good a time as ever to check on Sholmes, and Iris knows where he is. Move to Madame Tusspells.

Madame Tusspells[edit]

Pan right and examine the ladder to begin working toward an accolade in the Chronicles version of the game. Examine Sholmes to get his attention. Talk to Sholmes for his side of the story, or simply skip to the topic of interest to progress the story:

  • Something to ask you: You fill Sholmes in on everything they've learned, but before he can ask the detective about the prosecutor's past, they are interrupted.

Talk to Tusspells to learn more about the situation here, though the topic that progresses the story is the last one:

  • Something afoot: Sholmes hinted to a mystery here that could be related to your case. With that, Tusspells decides to allow Sholmes a chance at solving the mystery.

As Tusspells pulls back the curtain to reveal her special exhibit, Sholmes prepares his deductions, though as always, he'll need a little help from you to get them right.

The Great Deduction: Waxwork's Fate[edit]

Herlock Sholmes
Herlock Sholmes' Reasoning
- Topic 1: Waxwork's Fate -
  1. To begin with, we must ask ourselves what exactly is afoot here in this museum?
  2. The answer is revealed by the bundle of banknotes protruding so helpfully from your bag.
  3. In my estimation, some...two hundred pounds.
  4. So what does this large sum of money reveal?
  5. Ah, not as much as the involuntary glance you cast, it would seem, Madame Tusspells.
  6. Yes, the answer lies where your eyes now fall.
  7. The significance of the two hundred pounds is revealed by that public notice!
  8. 'Waxwork for sale'? Your business has hit hard times, it would seem.
  9. In short...
  10. sold the infamous killer - the centrepiece of your special exhibit - for the sum of two hundred pounds!
  11. Now...let us explore the next curiosity with which we are presented.
  12. Who is the portly gentleman stretched out so peacefully on the floor?
  13. It would appear the man has suffered a severe shock.
  14. The cause of clearly known to you.
  15. Unfortunately, madame, keeping secrets does not appear to be your forte.
  16. What dealt the man such a shocking blow was of course...the two hundred pounds!
  17. It would appear that you twisted this gentleman around your little finger most effectively.
  18. He rashly agreed to purchase the waxwork for the sum of two hundred pounds.
  19. Only when he came to hand the money over, did it occur to him what an extortionate amount he was paying.
  20. But the money was no longer in his hands.
  21. And the result? The scene we see before us. He collapsed in shock.
  22. Yes, the killer in this special exhibit fetched a killer price!
  23. We can only pray that the gentleman's dreams are not plagued with regret...

Conclusion: Sold for cash

Waxwork's Fate: Course Correction[edit]

On statement 7, rotate the camera to get a view of the wall behind the curtain. Examine the note on the wall to read its contents, which make this mystery much clearer. Present the ransom note as the true reason for the banknotes in Madame Tusspell's bag. On statement 16, rotate the camera around Madame Tusspells, then down. This should give you a view of her cape, as well as a hand poking out from under it. Examine the hand of Madame to discover that this isn't her hand after all. Present the waxwork hand and Madame Tusspell will reveal the truth behind the unconscious man.

Conclusion: Kidnapped!

The Great Deduction: Waxwork Location[edit]

Herlock Sholmes
Herlock Sholmes' Reasoning
- Topic 2: Waxwork Location -
  1. The question that arises then, is what has become of the waxwork that changed hands?
  2. Let us consider that problem for a moment.
  3. What immediately strikes me about this conundrum, is the young man standing over there.
  4. Who is this fellow? To find the answer, we need only observe...his neckerchief.
  5. Such as is worn by policemen as a secret sign to fellow members of the force that a crime is being perpetrated.
  6. Yes, this young man is an undercover policeman, currently investigating this museum.
  7. I know him well, in fact. It's Sergeant John Clay.
  8. The man's quite a celebrity. He received triple accolades at last year's policing awards.
  9. Next we turn our attention to the old man sat before him with the particularly unsightly visage.
  10. I've been watching closely and he hasn't moved a muscle. Almost, in if he were a waxwork.
  11. Your reaction only confirms my suspicions, madame.
  12. I noticed it at once, of course... Observe!
  13. The telltale sign that instantly proves whether or not this old man is a waxwork is the obvious price tag!
  14. 'Thruppence'...? A tragically low price, you might say.
  15. Though perhaps the going rate for ageing waxworks riddled with cracks.
  16. And yet you sold it to the portly gentleman for an exorbitant two hundred pounds!
  17. The sort of plucky behaviour that's sure to attract the attention of Scotland Yard... Isn't that so, madame?
  18. Yes, the waxwork you sold has already been seized by the police and remains in their custody as we speak!
  19. The old man must be reunited with his grave in the special exhibit, and not a moment too soon!

Conclusion: Discovered already

Waxwork Location: Course Correction[edit]

On statement 4, rotate the camera around the man who Sholmes claims is an undercover policeman to find that he's missing an arm. Present the shoulder stub to reveal that the man is actually a waxwork. On statement 13, rotate the camera around the old man to see some movement in his leg. Present the twitch to reveal that the man who Sholmes claims is a waxwork is actually an undercover policeman who fell asleep. Madame Tusspells reveals that the Scotland Yard detective is in fact present to investigate criminal activity that has been occurring at the museum, proven by the ransom note. However, the location of the waxwork belonging to the special exhibit remains unknown.

Conclusion: Still a mystery

Some scenes follow the deduction, including an unexpected visit to the prison, after which the trial begins at last.