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In the Great Ace Attorney 2: Resolve, basic game mechanics are carried over from The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures. However, things might get a bit trickier from here on out, and you'll have to pay special attention to what everyone says, even if it sounds irrelevant! Basic mechanics are as follows:

  • Cross-examine and pursue: Find holes in witness statements and pursue others who might also be on the witness stand as it might help you win the case!
  • Summation examination: Win over the jurors by pitting their statements against each other. Use evidence, press them, and even pursue the jurors should they give you more additional info for the case!
  • Dance of deduction: How could Herlock Sholmes got it wrong? This is when you have to come in and correct his errors! Use the camera and find something to really point Sholmes in the right direction, even evidence! Show that you're not just an Ace Attorney, but also an Ace Detective!