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Defendants' Antechamber[edit]

DGS2 icon Iris's Lucky Charm.png

Ryunosuke Naruhodo and Susato Mikotoba are both awaiting the trial with Barok van Zieks, whom they have had to defend since the last episode. As usual, Herlock Sholmes and Iris Wilson will help out while Yujin Mikotoba will be watching on the sidelines. Iris's Lucky Charm is entered into the Court Record. In the last episode, it was revealed that Gossip was actually Daley Vigil in disguise, and it turns out that he's the one who helped the "Professor" escape Barclay Prison ten years ago. These revelations allowed for more investigation leading up to this moment. Get ready for a lengthy trial of a lifetime!

Trial begins[edit]

Before the defense and prosecution can start the trial, it is announced that the previous judge has been replaced; it's Mael Stronghart's turn to take over as the judge! Looks like the tension has skyrocketed to overdrive at this point. The prosecutor, Kazuma Asogi, will call Inspector Gina Lestrade to the stand. With you, Ryunosuke Naruhodo, at the defense stand with Susato Mikotoba as your judicial assistant, you're going to have to muster some brain power to solve the mystery behind Inspector Gregson's death. But there could be more to the story than meets the eye, so brace yourself.

Gina's Testimony: The Victim's Movements[edit]

Gina Lestrade
Gina Lestrade's Testimony
- The Victim's Movements -
  1. All Yard detectives are s'posed to follow orders an' investigate wot they're told.
  2. But a little search o' the boss's office turned up a notebook that 'ad a load of secret meetin's in it.
  3. Accordin' to that, the boss was lookin' into some smuggled goods dealin's that day.
  4. Looks like it was a big job an' all. But the coppers weren't on to it yet.
  5. Wot matters most is, there's witnesses wot saw the Reaper at the place, too!

The Victim's Movements: Cross Examination[edit]

Press on statement 3. Gina is about to show her reading skills, so allow her to make a new statement by choosing Insist. It's a closed court case so both you and Kazuma aren't sure if it's related at all until she reads the name of the club that Inspector Gregson has gone to.

Examine the back of the Letter of Introduction to find a ticket for passage on a steamship. On the new statement, present the Letter of Introduction. At first, Stronghart reads the message about the introduction to Caidin. So you must correct him and point out that the evidence in question is the ticket behind the note, as it can be seen here that the Grouse is actually a steamship.

DGS2 icon Passport.png

When asked to provide proof that Gregson was actually on the ship that day, examine the latch on Gregson's Trunk to open it, then examine the paper inside. It looks like this is actually Gregson's passport, and it could be just the proof needed to substantiate his presence on the ship. The Passport is entered into the Court Record. Present the Passport as proof that Gregson was on the ship.

Continuing on after Gina begins losing her cool, prosecutor Asogi orders her to continue with her testimony, but as a surprise, Barok van Zieks suddenly steps in, believing that this testimony is practically a script and that he can provide some new insight to this case. You demand that van Zieks be allowed to speak and Stronghart allows it.

Gina's Testimony: The Reaper's Notebook[edit]

Gina Lestrade
Gina Lestrade's Testimony
- The Reaper's Notebook -
  1. Yeah, this notebook does 'ave a load o' stuff about wot the Reaper got up to these past ten years.
  2. Names o' victims, dates an' places an' stuff... An' the last entry in there was 31st October.
  3. It said 'Grouse' for the place on that date, and then the name o' the mark.
  4. There was a note about 'im bein' a criminal wot got away from the Reaper in court ten years ago or summat.
  5. But honest! The boss didn't do none of it! 'E was... 'E was just investigatin' the Reaper, that's all!

The Reaper's Notebook: Cross Examination[edit]

With Barok van Zieks having given his input, press all statements. It's clear that Gina can't really take anymore pressure while being on the stand, so to relieve her from the stress, press the last statement. After you thank her, you point out that someone has known beforehand during this cross examination. Present Kazuma Asogi. To point out his inconsistency, present Gregson's Trunk. Susato points out what Kazuma Asogi has said earlier that makes you question why he knows this already. But Stronghart wants further proof that he's been in the Grouse steamship. So open Gregson's Trunk and depending on the angle, point to the right side where the metal shard is sticking out.

DGS2 icon Great Sword Karuma.png

You correctly point out that the metal shard belongs to Kazuma's sword, "Karuma." The Great Sword 'Karuma' is entered into the Court Record.

Also noting Seishiro in Gregson's secret notebook, Stronghart orders an emergency recess as he and Kazuma reveal that if the Japanese judge is not found soon, he'll be declared dead, thus ending this case.

Once you and Susato are alone in court, you feel disheartened until Susato points out that they have Iris's Lucky Charm, given to them by Iris before today's trial began. With luck on your side, pull the ears so you can talk to Herlock Sholmes with Yujin Mikotoba on board the very steamship at the heart of today's trial, the SS Grouse. They'll tell you that they will find Seishiro within thirty minutes. There's now one more set of eyes that you'll see through in the form of Susato's father's perspective.