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Intro[edit | edit source]

The first scene opens in battle mode. Your companions will attack automatically, so don't worry about learning about battle strategies just yet. The battle is turn-based; when your turn comes the game will wait (there is no time limit). You can attack with either  A  or the sword icon (on the SNES choose Attack and select a target with Neutral Dpad) or move by pushing a direction (on the SNES choose Move from the menu and choose a destination). SNES players can also choose "Auto" to attack the optimal target automatically. You must be within touching distance of an enemy in order to use non-ranged weapons, so if an enemy retreats you may wish to use your turn to chase them rather than waste a turn.

Once they are dead loot their corpses (use  L  or the eye button); on the SNES the corpses vanish and loot appears automatically. Take whatever you like from the pile.

Lord British[edit | edit source]

Next, talk to Lord British (the king on the throne). For systems other than the SNES ask "orb" in order to be able to use the Orb of the Moons, an invaluable teleportation device. He will ask you six questions from the Compendium.

Question Answer
What doth Trolls Lack? Endurance
What part of the tangle vine doth put one to sleep? Pod
How wert the headlesses produced? Wizard
What valued item canst one find near the spawning grounds of Hydras? Nightshade Mushroom
How canst one fend off Rotworms? Torch
How doth Sea Serpents attack? Fireballs
What creature art wisps oft mistaken for? Firefly
How doth giant squids cruch their prey? Beak
Where hath images of the Silver Serpent been seen? Tomb walls
What art reapers remnants of? Enchanted Forest

Once he's satisfied with your answers he'll give you a Key (labelled A) and explain the Orb's functionality. You can use the Orb to return to the castle at any time; simply use it (with  U  or the Use button) and select the tile directly above you. Then walk into the Moongate (disengage combat mode if you were fighting enemies).

Britain Castle[edit | edit source]

Lord British tells you where your room is located and says anything in the castle is yours to borrow if you need it. So, get looting! Since the king allowed you to you can take anything in the castle without harming your Karma. First visit your own room. Get the spellbook and reagents, and any other items you think you want.

Next go into Nystul's room directly below and grab the reagents and especially the note, which provides a valuable hint for later. With a bit of fiddling you can transfer the reagents all into the one bag, thus lightening your load; every bit of carrying capacity counts at this point. Keeping the reagents in a bag is still a good idea, however; the inventory display is a small area, so keeping largely similar items in a bag together will increase your inventory efficiency. Other than the reagents and quest items (such as the note) you can give the other items to your companions.

Next, visit the armoury, located in the southeast wing. Give the armor to the party members who don't have any (you might have to shift belongings between them in order to allow them to carry it). It's better than any of the starting gear except for Dupre's full plate. Next head southwest and grab all the potions other than the green one (which is poison). You can also head east and take what you like from the kitchen. The food in here does respawn to a degree. The bottles and food in the dining room can also be borrowed.

Now head south and unlock the left-hand tower with the key the king gave you (labelled "A" on PCs but "B" on the SNES). Use the switch to open the main gate, and turn the winch to lower the drawbridge (on the SNES the switch does both functions). You're now free to explore Britannia. From here on, all but the last few steps of your quest are entirely non-linear.