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Moonglow catacombs[edit]

A small island north of Moonglow used to be the location of Dungeon Deceit in the previous episodes (Ultima 4, 5, 6), but now it hosts some of the Moonglow catacombs. Another catacomb is on the south portion of Dagger island, just west of here.

Neither of the two catacombs has any loot.

Dungeon Deceit[edit]

Dungeon Deceit is now on Dagger Island, the same island where the Shrine of Honesty is located.

Obviously, you should cast Unlock Magic on any magically-locked door.

  • After the first magically-locked door, the path forks in three. Your goal is to the left/west.
    • 1st dead end: If you take the right/east path, instead, a mysterious trap will almost kill one or more of your companions. Thus, you should stick to the east wall; otherwise, just leave them behind at the fork. At the end of the passage, operate the switch to open the way for the middle corridor at the fork. Walk slowly, because a bend is blocked by a line of fire field traps. A green dragon is trapped at the end. A corpse nearby just holds two plain weapons.
  • The left/west corridor from the fork is protected by traps. The east-west corridor is full of arrow traps, so make sure you run hugging the north wall. When you open the door at the end, a lightning trap will hit one companion.
    • 2nd dead end: Go south, and you will meet the two sisters Amanda and Eiko. Their story is related to the one of the third dweller of this dungeon. There are some powder kegs nearby.
  • Go north. At the fork, the path to the northis a dead end. The path to the left/west, too, but only apparently: walk through the wall.
    • 3rd dead end: At the next fork, the right/east path leads you to Iskander the cyclops, the third and last character roaming this dungeon. The items near the campfire belong to the cyclops; taking them is considered stealing (Iskander will attack and, oddly, summon Britannian guards).
    • 4th dead end: There is yet another fork straight away. If you take the north path, a red dragon awaits you. This time, the reward for slaining it is significant. There is also a key.
  • At the end of the tunnel, get through the false wall, activate the switch and move the half-invisible clatrops out of the way. The locked door can be opened with the red dragon's key, but there is nothing important in the room, plus a trap.
    • 5th dead end: At the next fork, go south. At the end of the corridor, a regeneration ring and some gold coins are on a pedestal. It is a quite obvious trap: take them from far away.
  • Backtrack and get through yet another false wall. The right way is north. The other two directions are short dead ends with traps. To the north is the Tetrahedron Generator.

The ethereal ring protects you from the bolts that the generator shoots.

BOSS: ethereal monster[edit]

Get ready before entering the tetrahedron. The Time Lord warned you that you will be alone inside. Therefore, prepare a light source and a strong weapon (a glass sword or the Black Sword).

When ready, enter the generator, fight the monster and take the small tetrahedron.


  • Green dragon's victim: 2 two-handed axes.
  • Corpses in dead end: two-handed sword, buckler, decorative sword.
  • Red dragon's victims: magic armour, crested helm, heater shield, plate leggings, dagger, glass sword, 36 gold coins, 2 gold nuggets, 5 gems, 1 ring of regeneration, 2 plain rings, key.
  • Locked room: plate armour, crested helm, heater shield, custom sword.
  • Pedestal: 35 gold coins, regeneration ring.
  • Last dead ends: custom sword, 1 burst arrow.

The hourglass and the sphere generator[edit]

Once the tetrahedron generator is destroyed, all mages in Britannia get back to normal. You can visit them all, since their dialogue changed. From east to west: Penumbra in Moonglow, Mariah in the Lycaeum, Wis-Sur in Vesper, Rudyom in Cove, Nystul in castle Britannia, and then Nicodemus in Empath Abbey.

When you get back to Nicodemus, he will enchant the hourglass (that you purchased from Beverlea of Paws).

Then, you can get to Dungeon Deceit again and finally access the sphere generator.

Inside the sphere[edit]

The inner protection of the generator is a labyrinth of moon gates. The shortest path is red, blue, blue, red. When you reach the small sphere, take it by double clicking on it.

Full map of inner sphere
Red to 1
Blue to poison fields
Red to 5
Blue to 6
Red to 5
Blue to 3
Red to 1
Blue to sleep fields
Red to fire fields
Blue to 6
4 (start)
Red to 1
Blue to 7
Red to 8
Blue to 2

Next task[edit]

When you leave, the Time Lord will contact you. Prepare for a big plot twist! Then, he will instruct you about last generator.