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Here you will find information on the main characters from Dog's Life. Information on each local dog is found on their level's page in the Walkthrough.


Dog's Life Jake.jpg

He is the main character in this game, and he's a dog on a mission. A mission to save Daisy. Jake was born in Clarksville and has lived there all his life. He never strays from the Farmhouse much, and so not many people know his name. He also has a feature called "Smellovision" that can only be used by him, and he also knows a lot of Doggy Do moves that other dogs don't know.

After Daisy was dog-napped, he fell out the truck and so he didn't see where the van went. That's why he sets out on a journey across the states to find her. He may not be the toughest dog around, especially when he starts to lose health, but he's definitely one of the kindest as he will never do the opposite of what you say.


Dog's Life Daisy.jpg

She is the reason why Jake is going on this journey. She is the reason why there is even a game about Jake. Daisy is Jake's girlfriend, and she too lives in Clarksville. It's just a shame she doesn't feel the same way about him. She doesn't seem to be impressed with Jake, especially when he does his farting trick, but when she gets dog-napped, the last thing Jake sees of her is her trapped in a cage opposite him in the red van. Her disappearance also leaves her owner Gramps very unhappy.

Some people ask how many bones Daisy has. The answer is, she doesn't have a bone counter! Go up to her in the Finale level (if you have the time) and you will hear the sniffing sound, like when you approach the local dog, but no bone counter will appear.


Dog's Life Wayne.jpg

One of the culprits who took Daisy, who doesn't seem to enjoy his job much. He has a bad sneezing problem, as he's allergic to dogs. He also has a very squeaky voice. He tends to get a bit annoyed with Dwayne though sometimes, who he is stuck with in their red van.


Dog's Life Dwayne.jpg

He's not the smartest man around, so he's lucky he's got Wayne around to... sometimes... help him. He seems to really like "doggies" and is thinking of opening a hypo-allergenic dog grooming parlour, so people like Wayne can enjoy playing with dogs.

Miss Peaches[edit]

Dog's Life Miss Peaches.jpg

Miss Peaches owns a cat food factory ("Miss Peaches Crunchy Cat Food") and is quite strict. She says she has a secret ingredient that she plans to use to make her new "Miss Peaches Cat Food in a Can", and some people have heard the sound of dogs coming from her factory next to the Dog Pound in Boom City. She says that she's built a dog shelter, but there are rumours going around that she's up to no good.

Most of the cars driving around have a bumper sticker which says "I ♥ Peaches". They must all be big cat fans.

The Dog Catcher[edit]

Dog's Life Dog Catcher.jpg

He traps dogs for a living, so you'd better watch out. He's got a well trained Doberman that will chase you, so you'd better be careful. The Dog Catcher is hiding in the Clarksville Centre, the Café, Boom City Centre, the Park, and especially the Dog Pound. He also seems to have an endless supply of newspapers, and his life-long dream is to program computer games.


Killer is the Dog Catcher's Doberman. He appears in every area and will try to catch and intimidate Jake into stopping his journey. He fails as Jake is usually one step ahead of him.