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I'm trapped behind this door![edit]

Free the man by moving the box out of the way.

When you come to this level, the first thing you hear will be "Help! I'm trapped behind this door!" That's the man who was mentioned in the High Street article. He will carry on talking and say that the box in front of the door was delivered by mistake. Then he'll ask you to move it out of the way. To do this, go up to the box and grab the handle by pressing Circle button. Move away from the door, and Jake will pull the box. When the box is far enough away, the man will come out and give you a bone. You also released the local dog, but he doesn't give you anything. After that, the man will tell you that his brother is lost out on Mount Minniwahwah. But you can find out how to do that in the Mountain Slide article.

Challenging the local dog[edit]

Run past the antenna in control of the local dog.

If you go inside the control room, you might see that there aren't actually any controls. You'll find a yellow scent and a pink scent. Get them and then go outside again. There is another pink scent at the bottom of the ramp, and some more that lead to the small mountain where the antenna is. The eighth one is on the round area sticking out over what is probably a cliff. Once you've gotten that one and all the others, you're in a pursuit with the local dog. The Saint Bernard is quite slow, so he's pretty easy to catch. Once you've caught him and taken control of him, go back down the mountain past the cable car building and follow the sign with the picture of the mountains on it.

Go across the bridge, and up the hill. Grab hold of the log and pull it around so Jake will be able to use it as a bridge later. If you run out of time while getting to the log, don't worry. When you've switched back to Jake again, go over to the bridge where you'll usually find the local dog. Ignore the log for now because you don't need to use it yet. Go back up to the antenna and collect the other seven yellow scents to do the peeing challenge. The grid is in the shape of an octagon or something like that with lots of sides, so all you have to do is cover all the scents around the outside and you've won. Remember to go over any places around the outside where the other dog has peed. A bone will appear in the dog bowl, but before you go and get it, go around behind the antenna and you'll find a different bone. Eat that one.

Bull Mastiff
Dog's Life Bull Mastiff.jpg
As his breed suggests, he is one of the stronger dogs, and he can move a log that's way to heavy for Jake. So as long as you can beat him, you have more than his 30 bones... and you know how to move a box... then he can help you to find a way of getting to the cable car operator's lost brother.

Blue scents[edit]

Go into SOV while going to get the bone in the dog bowl, and near the top of the path back down you'll find a blue scent. Get it, and the rest of them are leading down the path back to the cable car building. Once you have the twelfth one, another bone will appear in the dog bowl. Go and eat your bones. If Jake was walking slowly when you go the first scent, you won't be fast enough to get them all, so come back when Jake is happy again.

Two other bones[edit]

If you go across the bridge where the local dog is wandering about and go down beside the hill, you'll find a log. Jump on and go down, and you'll find yourself in a small area with quite a few purple scents. Get them, and when you've gone to the other end of this part of the level, eat the bone you will find. After checking to make sure you haven't missed any purple scents, go back up the log and towards the bridge. You will see where a bone is buried (in SOV). Dig it up and eat it.

Purple scents[edit]

The last bone is the purple scents bone. The scents are on the other side of the log you moved, but don't go through the tunnel or you'll end up in another level. On the hill where the log is, around the antenna, two are behind the cable car building, and there are some around the trees and the round area sticking out. There are also three purple scents on a cliff, opposite the cable car building. There is a slope at one side that you can climb up, and there you'll find the scents. When you've got them all, a bone will appear in the dog bowl.

Eat any bones still in the dog bowl and go into the kennel to save the game. Go across the bridge, up the hill, along the log and through the tunnel to get to the Mountain Slide.