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Koadic's Endless Intellect, more commonly referred to by the acronym KEI, or as C3 (since it is the third spell in the Clarity line) is a long-lasting mana regeneration buff, and can only be cast by enchanters.

The enchanter must be of level 60 to memorize this spell, and the player you try to cast it on must be of level 45.

Koadic's Endless Intellect Information
Increases mana pool by 250.
Increases mana by 14 per tick.
Increases Intellect by 25.
Increases Wisdom by 25.
Mana cost: 900.
Base casting time: 12 seconds.

This spell can be crafted with research, and it also drops from many various mobs. Here is a quick table with the components needed to make this spell. You must be a Necromancer, Wizard, Magician, or Enchanter to make this spell, and is combined in a Spell Research Kit.

Koadic's Endless Intellect - Research (224)
1 x Fine Runic Papyrus
1 x Ink Additive of the Nameless
2 x Ink of Prexus
1 x Ink of the Erudite
1 x Quill of the Coercer
1 x Talisman Thickener
1 x Ink of the Dal