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The enchanter, once arguably the best soloing class in Everquest, and still quite effective, is much in demand from groups for their abilities to perform crowd control and for the buffs which they bring with them to the party, including a line of haste, and a line of mana-regeneration buffs.

The enchanter summoned pets, more correctly referred to as animations, and frequently nicknamed Shiny Bob are low in HP and attack rating relative to most other summoned pets, excluding shadowknight pets and druid bear pets. To counterbalance this, enchanters have the ability to charm mobs, although this ability has now been severely restricted following the nerf which severely limits the DPS of charm mobs in many of the newer zones, i.e. those after Gates of Discord expansion.

Before starting an enchanter you need to know that it is a class which requires patience to play, demands intense concentration and the ability to determine whether a situation is going to get out of control.

Enchanters can fill several roles in a group; although more or less well based on level range and gear. Crowd control is, of course, our main function; and we have a variety of spells to do that (different types of mesmerization spells, charms, stuns, root, memory blur). The enchanter is both a buffer and a debuffer. For buffs we have the best haste, mana regen, some fair statistic buffs, magic resistance, runes, and spell mitigation. For debuffs we have the best magic resistance debuff, the second best slow, and a dex/agi/str/ac debuff, dispel magic, and at low/mid levels our DoTs have debuff components. We also have a good spell range for pulling (Pacify, Boggle, Rune, Cast Sight). Until at least 65th level we can contribute a fair amount of DPS to a group through our charm spells. Like most things, the enchanter is an easy class to learn but a hard one to master. You may spend some time in groups as just a slower when you'll be bored out of your wits; but find a group where you can shine and, imo, the enchanter is a fabulous class to play!

Some high level enchanters, equipped with rune spells, and rune AAs, and well geared, with maxed defensive abilities, are able to tank or offtank mobs in certain circumstances.

  • Armor: Silk
  • Weapons: Blunt and Daggers
  • Class: Magic

mostly wanted for[edit]

  • Crowd Control (Mez)
  • Slow
  • Haste
  • Mana Regen
  • Debuffs