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Here's a quick breakdown for the benefit of non-EQ players.

It is HUGE, it is involving, it is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG). Hundreds and hundreds of zones, big and small, new and old. I have played now for 5 1/2 years, and I haven't seen them all. (well, yes, I could have with more playing time... I have only put in some 4200 hours as yet.. I try to have a life on the side) The complexity of this game is mindboggling, the playerbase is still sound after 7+ years, even if newer games like WoW and Sonys own EverQuest II have attracted many players. Graphics in the game are a bit dated, especially in the original zones -but important zones are getting revamped more or less continuously, and even though the character models have been renewed once, and are in the process of being overhauled again. Also the graphics engine have been rewritten since the original release, and now supports directx 9c. The newer zones I personally think are very beautiful, espescially those in the latest 2-3 expantions (TSS latest atm). Basically the game is Player versus Environment(PvE), and most content is meant for small or larger groups of players, from 2-3 (6 is the base group size) up to a full raidforce of 72 people. On a few occasions even more people can be a good idea.

  • 16 playable races
  • 16 classes
  • Alternate advancement (AA) system.
  • The in-game messaging system is of top class (none better, afaik).
  • Customizable User Interface.
  • You never run out of content (Thousands of quests, tradeskilling, progressions through raidcontent, roleplaying, guildlife and -management and more). If you do, get a life... Really.