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WIKI links[edit]

External Class specific links[edit]

Lucy All about spells, effects, items and focii. by class, and searchable. excellent database, allways up to date.

AllaKhazam Items, Quests, and a lot of other stuff. The owner of Lucy above. very good site.

Magelo Player database, some good info on armor sets, spells etc. also guildtool and player ranking


Once you get attacked you are in trouble. But, if you have some nice tank taking the damage up front you can really kick some serious butt. The wizard's forte is doing massive amounts of damage in a short time. Wizards also get the best area of effect spells [for example: rain spells (targeted AE, hitting monsters in waves of damage)], though these spells are very difficult to use without drawing a mob onto you. Other magic classes can do more damage over the long run, but wizards can kill something quickly when necessary. Wizards also get teleport spells, which make it very easy to navigate to all corners of the world. One big drawback is that wizards are the most mana reliant class in the game, and unlike the pet classes are virtually useless when they run out of mana. The wizard is not an easy class to play. Because he is all attack and no defense, he must approach a battle warily. But it is really impressive when you take down that monster in one shot that the fighters were battling for five minutes. Wizards can solo as a kiter(quadding, root rotting(root/nuke/reroot). Wizards can be equally effective as a soloer as a necro.

  • Armor: Cloth
  • Weapons: Blunt and Daggers
  • Class: Magic
  • gets both fire-based, cold-based and magic-based nukes (magical attacks that do instant damage). wizards don't have damage-over-time(dot)spells however, Wizards receieve a proc DoT in the form of an AA (Pyromancy).

Mostly wanted for[edit]

  • Burst DPS
  • Evac
  • Transportation


(takes about 1-2 secs to cast by the way)

manaburn immune mobs

this also goes for the fabled versions :)