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The monk is supposed to be the best fighting class in the game in terms of dealing out damage over time. In addition, Monks are able to resist fire better than other classes, getting + 8 to fire resistance. Because he can't wear heavy armor (weight is very important to a monk), he takes more damage when hit, but the monk's natural quickness allows him to avoid more hits than other fighters and hit the enemy more often. A monk's weapons are his fists, as well as the magical special attacks he gains as he advances in level (which provide some great looking animations). Monks also get some excellent 1HB weapons, so many monks are now using some weapons. Monks dish out some incredible damage, since they get dual wield and double attack very early, resulting in many attacks per round. No other tank class can match them at this. They also get some useful skills such as feign death, which is a great skill for avoiding death and pulling, mend, which heals 25% of their health, as well as safe fall. If you play a monk, you will definitely not be able to fill the role of a tank in a group. This is not a great solo class, but it can be soloed with a lot of patience and above average equipment (aka "gear"). Only Humans, Drakkin and Iksar can play a Monk.

  • Armor: Leather
  • Weapons: Blunt and Hand to Hand
  • Class: Melee

mostly wanted for[edit]

  • Pulling
  • DPS