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For more details on Magician Uncommon Spells, see EverQuest/Uncommon Spells Tomes and Discs/Magician.

This is a very popular solo class, and also valuable in a group. Magicians are sort of a cross between a fighter and a wizard, because they can fight with their pet elemental and stand back and cast like a wizard. Thus, while not as strong as a wizard or fighter in their specialty field, magicians are able to do more than either one alone, and the combination of pet and direct damage spells actually means the Magician can deal more damage over time than either a fighter or a wizard. They also get some nice buffs and damage shields. Because a magician basically comes with a built in tank, it is one of the best classes to solo. In fact, magician is one of the few classes that can continue to solo effectively even at higher levels. If you plan on playing on your own a lot, but still want to be a damage dealer while in a group, this is a good class for you.

  • Armor: Cloth
  • Weapons: Blunt and Daggers
  • Class: Magic

mostly wanted for[edit]

  • DPS
  • Summoned (pet) gear
  • Call of the Hero (CoTH)

Magicians Pets[edit]

Earth Pet[edit]

Warrior pet

  • Base HP - Best HP/AC
  • Casts root every 12 seconds. The root is useful if fighting in close quarters without a snare class.

Water Pet[edit]

(Level 1 - 60)

  • Base HP - Second best - It also have a high regeneration rate.
  • Is immune to poison attacks.
  • Casts an Ice based DD

(Level 61-95) Turns into a rogue pet.

  • Poor health and limited AC. Not a tanking pet.
  • High melee damage and innate ice attack damage.
  • Back stabs and has a chance to assassinate lower level humanoids.
  • Has tremendously high poison resistance.

Air Pet[edit]

  • Keep aggro well, due to the Stun.
  • Casts a 3 second Stun every 12 seconds.

(Level 1 - 60)

  • Base HP - Third - The Earth and water pets has more HP.
  • Stun is excellent when fighting casters.

(Level 61 - 95)

  • Turns into a monk class. Decent DPS and Tanking pet. Most commonly used pet after 61.
  • Base HP - Second - Only Earth has better HP/AC but does not have as good evade skill.

Fire Pet[edit]

(Level 1-60)

  • Base HP - Last, hast fewest HP
  • Casts a firebased DD
  • Comes with an inbuilt Damageshield (DS).
  • Excellent, when high DPS is needed

(Level 61-95) Turns into a wizard.

  • A really poor tank.
  • High DPS and high aggro pet. Does lots of damage but also attracts a lot of attention. Best used with a tank.
  • This is ranged DPS which means it avoids some rampage and mob area attacks the other pets do not.
  • Highly resistant to fire attack.

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