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This is a very difficult class to play. Shadowknights are supposed to be the opposite of Paladins. They are basically a combination of a necromancer and a warrior, leaning more towards the warrior aspects. Because of the necromancer elements, they are actually a little easier to solo than other tank classes, getting some dot spells and a pet to help them out. Yet in many ways, they are also weaker. This class really comes into its own at the higher levels, but can be very difficult to get to that point. As with the necromancer, shadowknights are hated by most good NPC's, and find it difficult to find places to buy and sell things. It is also difficult to travel, as many NPC's will kill you on sight. However, this is part of the challenge of playing an evil class, and an element that many people enjoy. This is probably one of the least played classes in the game, so it can sometimes be difficult to find a group that knows how to use your skills. Nevertheless, if you have the patience to milk it through the lower levels and are willing to be hated by just about everything in Norrath, you may enjoy playing this class.

  • Armor: Plate
  • Weapons: Almost any
  • Class: Melee

Mostly wanted for[edit]

  • Tank/Offtank
  • Pulling
  • Snare