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As with Arefu, Big Town is having trouble, although the guard out in front is not as jumpy.

When you speak with the people in town, you learn that Super Mutants have kidnapped members within the town, and have taken them to the Germantown Police HQ. There are a few super mutant brutes patrolling outside within the gated area.

The floor entrance requires a lockpick skill of 100; a top entrance on the back of the building is unlocked. Regardless of which entrance you take, there are frag mines planted on the ground and second floors.

Within the building, there are two prisoners to rescue; the first is Red, and she is located on the Ground Floor, and is guarded by a Super Mutant Master.

The basement contains Shorty, and is guarded by a Super mutant with a hunting rifle.

After rescuing both characters and bringing them to Big Town, you have the option of helping defend the town against Super Mutants.

Town defense[edit]

After speaking with Red, she will inform you that there will be another wave of Super Mutants approaching. You can tell her that you'll stay around to defend against the mutants, that you can help them learn how to defend against themselves, or that they're on their own.

The first and last options are straight forward. The super mutants will attack, and could destroy the town.

If you have a high enough skill, you can train the residents on means of self defense:

  • Explosives: You are given a mine, and will plant it on the bridge. Others within Big Town will also plant a mine of their own.
  • Science: There are two robots within the junk yard. Repair them, and they will defend the front bridge against the attackers. (This is a close battle, you may want to provide fire support if necessary.
  • Small guns: You train them to use basic firearms. Everyone will head to the junk yard, with a series of lined up bottles. Shoot a bottle, and the rest will follow.
  • Sneak: Enter crouch, and the other residents will do the same. The super mutants will search the town, and leave when they think it's deserted, with no second wave.

The mutants will attack in two waves of two mutants each (or a single wave of four if you used wait.)