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This quest is activated when you hear a distress call from some rangers, who are under attack within the Museum of History. The call is transmitted from the Statesman Hotel, somewhere in the north of the DC Ruins.

Finding Reilly[edit]

As mentioned within the quest objective, Reilly is located within the Museum of History. To reach her, enter the building from ground level and head forward through the atrium into the Underworld. Reilly is within the chop shop and is suffering from a coma; you can get the doctor to revive her using speech, or use a high medicine skill to administer treatment.

She will tell you about the remainder of the team; the three other men are located on the roof of the hotel, and she asks you to rescue them. In addition, Theo has a large ammo box containing a large amount of ammo that needs to be recovered as well.


  • Access to building through hospital, need to reach the second floor and use the bridge.
  • Hospital has some sections where there's a mysterious fiery explosion.
  • Head to the roof of the hotel once you cross the bridge..
  • Hotel has a few traps on the staircases.
  • If you don't have a fusion battery, you'll need to get one from the protectron downstairs.
  • After exiting the elevator, you need to fight off several mutants.
  • Head to the Reilly's HQ to collect a reward: Choice Battle armour or a minigun (both unique.)
  • You also get the option to search for new map locations.
  • Both hospital and hotel are heavily infested with super mutants.