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Operation: Anchorage is an add-on to the Fallout 3 game. This add-on takes you on a computer simulation of the events that defeat the Chinese army in Anchorage. This add-on begins when you find the Brotherhood Outcasts trying to get to their base. You must defeat Super Mutants and get to the elevator to enter the base. Inside you need to put on a neurosuit (given by the Outcast) and enter the simulator. The simulation is pretty straightforward, but the location is unique to the game. There is an NPC that will follow you and help you out for most of the quest. If your small guns skill is high, then this add-on isn't too tough. Once you complete the quest however, you get the opportunity to enter the armory, which has many big guns and ammunition. The best aspect of this quest is the winterized power armor you get. As one of the best armors in the game, with 32% rad protection, this armor doesn't degrade. You can get +2 levels by doing this add-on.