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Vault 101[edit]

Vault 101 is where you were born, and where you will die. Well, that's the theory anyway.

This vault is involved in a social experiment where humans are kept isolation from the outside world, where an extremely bleak outlook was created. It is featured in the initial four quests for creating your character, but also in Trouble on the Homefront.


Springvale is an uninhabited ruined village.

There is a water tower to the south, and a small ranch within the village. That building contains Silver, who is trying to hide from Moriarty from Megaton - she wanted to leave, but when he refused, she took some caps and fled to the small shack.

Springvale Elementary school is located to the north-east.


Megaton is a small city built around an atomic bomb, and constructed from salvaged airplane components. It is featured in the Following in His Footsteps and The Power of the Atom quests.

Notable elements include:

  • Lucas Simms, mayor/sheriff that commissions you to disarm the bomb.
  • Mister Burke, who commissions you to detonate the bomb.
  • Moira Brown, author of the Wasteland Survival Guide, and owner of schematics for Rock-It launcher.
  • Jerico, a recruitable character.
  • Your megaton house contains an owned bed and other storage space as well as your robot butler. You can rest here for a 10% exp bonus, and with the laboratory, create chemicals.
  • A beggar outside that asks for purified water, used to get good karma.
  • Moriarty, who owns the saloon and can sell you information about your father.

If you have good karma, residents may give you items from time to time. Wadsworth can give you purified water.

Fort Independence[edit]

Fairfax Ruins[edit]

Cliffside Cavern[edit]


A seemingly normal little town that has two families of cannibals living in it. Use your smarts if you want to get through this town alive.

Bed Racer Factory[edit]

The Overlook Drive-In[edit]

Has many troublesome raiders and a few raider guard dogs guarding it. A good idea is to sneak up from the side and toss a few grenades into the main area. This will cause all the cars in the drive in to explode, leaving only one or two disgruntled raiders alive. Kill them and then there should be two or three ammo boxes behind a cement wall that they were probably hiding behind when the colossal explosion happened.

Secondary Locations[edit]