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Spoiler warning! This page contains spoilers, or hints about the game's storyline or progression.

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A list of characters encountered in the game's storyline.

Rebel Alliance/New Republic[edit]

Portrait Name Role
Player-created Echo 4, Vanguard 5 New Republic player character. Canonically named Rao Highmoon in the official reveal trailer[1].
SWS-GialAckbar.png Gial Ackbar Mon Calamari Rebel Alliance/New Republic admiral.
SWS-WedgeAntilles.png Wedge Antilles Rebel Alliance/New Republic fighter ace. Voiced by Denis Lawson.
SWS-ArdoBarodai.png Ardo Barodai Mon Calamari officer under Lindon Javes. Voiced by Keythe Farley.
SWS-LindonJaves.png Lindon Javes Commander and project leader of Project Starhawk; formerly Helix 1 of the Galactic Empire. Voiced by Phil Morris.
SWS-KierahKoovah.png Kierah "Gunny" Koovah Mimban leader of Vanguard Squadron. Casual and relaxed veteran of the Clone Wars. Voiced by Rebecca Wisocky.
SWS-ZereldaSage.png Zerelda Sage New Republic fighter mechanic. Voiced by Michelle Ortiz.
SWS-GracaliaSienar.png Gracalia Vatara "Grace" Sienar Executive officer of Vanguard Squadron. Estranged from family, which is responsible for all TIE fighters. Voiced by Erica Luttrell.
SWS-HeraSyndulla.png Hera Syndulla Twi'lek rebel cell leader and member of Starhawk project. Voiced by Vanessa Marshall.
SWS-Frisk.png Feresk "Frisk" Tssat Trandoshan Vanguard Squadron member. Former fence for stolen goods. Voiced by James Arnold Taylor.
SWS-KeoVenzee.png Keo Venzee Miralan Vanguard Squadron member. Former racer and highly intuitive. Voiced by Bex Taylor-Klaus.

Galactic Empire[edit]

Portrait Name Role
Player-created Helix, Titan 3 Galactic Empire player character. Canonically named Case Kassandora[1].
SWS-VarkoGrey.png Varko Grey Leader of Titan Squadron. Believes in strength and unity above all else, including morality. Voiced by Noshir Dalal.
SWS-TerisaKerrill.png Terisa Kerrill Captain of Imperial Star Destroyer Overseer. Former leftenant and executive officer of Helix Squadron. Voiced by Peta Sergeant.
SWS-Shen.png Shen Member of Titan Squadron. Grievously injured by Anvil Squadron, now reliant on his flight suit to stay alive. Voiced by Jim Pirri.
SWS-RaeSloane.png Rae Sloane Grand Admiral of Galactic Empire.
SWS-RellaSol.png Rella Sol Member of Titan Squadron. Daughter of former Imperial senators, often talks about the old bureaucracy. Voiced by Sofia Pernas.
SWS-Havina Vonreg.png Havina Vonreg Member of Titan Squadron. Bloodthirsty and intolerant of defectors. Voiced by Helen Sadler.
SWS-WillardWaylin.png Willard Waylin Sergeant, Chief mechanic and head of hangar crew of ISD Overseer.

Campaign Names[edit]

New Republic Names

  • Ace Azzameen
  • Keyan Farlander
  • Sai Vertessi
  • Bo Falloran
  • Tavana Trace
  • Arapho Cloudcutter
  • Rao Highmoon
  • Vorra Mau
  • Daiba Welloya

Galactic Empire Names

  • Tarro Blackfeather
  • Oke Highstar
  • Sab Hayduke
  • Bly Basko
  • Maarek Stele
  • Vash Exalta
  • Grin Valoria
  • Aitos Silkheart
  • Reza Bestov
  • Case Kassandora