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The following cosmetic options are available for New Republic starfighters:

  • Paint job
  • Decal
  • Hologram (cockpit)
  • Dashboard (cockpit)
  • Hanging flair

Cockpit cosmetics are shared across all craft, but paint jobs and decals are not.

Paint Job[edit]

Name Description Rarity Glory
SWS-Cosmetic-VanguardSquadron.png Vanguard Squadron Another New Republic fighter squadron once said the pilots of Vanguard are "fearless to the finish". It has since become Vanguard's unofficial motto.

Costs 200 glory on the B-wing.
Default 0
SWS-Cosmetic-BladeSquadron.png Blade Squadron New Republic B-wing pilots honor Blade Squadron's heroics at the Battle of Endor, and the memory of Wing Commander Adon Fox.

B-wing exclusive.
Default 0
SWS-Cosmetic-BlueSquadron.png Blue Squadron Led by legendary alliance heroes such as General Merrick and Lieutenant Valeria, Blue Squadron was instrumental in Rebel Alliance victories across the galaxy, including Scarif, Hoth, Bakura, and Endor. Common 200
SWS-Cosmetic-GoldSquadron.png Gold Squadron Instrumental at Yavin IV, Gold Squadron later came under the command of General Lando Calrissian. Following Endor, Gold Squadron seeks to eliminate Imperial remnants. Common 200
SWS-Cosmetic-GreenSquadron.png Green Squadron The New Republic's Green Squadron flies bravely against impossible odds, no matter what sacrifices may be necessary. Common 200
SWS-Cosmetic-OrangeSquadron.png Orange Squadron Patrolling the Mid-Rim territories, Orange Squadron continues to turn loyalists against the Empire. Common 200
SWS-Cosmetic-PinkSquadron.png Pink Squadron All New Republic records of Pink Squadron operations are redacted or classified. Common 200
SWS-Cosmetic-RedSquadron.png Red Squadron Responsible for the destruction of the first Death Star, Red Squadron is one of the Rebel Alliance's oldest and most reliable starfighter groups. Common 200
SWS-Cosmetic-AnvilSquadron.png Anvil Squadron Stationed aboard the Silver Coronet, these deadly defenders of Mon Cala are ready to aid their New Republic allies across the galaxy. Rare 400
SWS-Cosmetic-EchoSquadron.png Echo Squadron Reliable pilots of the Rebel Alliance - and now, the New Republic - get the job done, over and over again, no matter the cost. Rare 400
SWS-Cosmetic-SquallSquadron.png Squall Squadron Across the galaxy, planets who've been saved by certain New Republic strike teams share the same story: They disappeared back into the stars, just as quickly as they arrived. Rare 400
SWS-Cosmetic-SanctuarySquadron.png Sanctuary Squadron After Endor, when Operation: Cinder began, high command formed a new group dedicated to the protection of worlds under the Empire's heel. Rare 400
SWS-Cosmetic-CalimaSquadron.png Calima Squadron When forming the first rebel cells on the planet Crait, Bail Organa formed a secretive squadron to sabotage Imperial outposts across the galaxy. Rare 400
SWS-Cosmetic-SiroccoSquadron.png Sirocco Squadron Striking swiftly and with precision, Sirocco Squadron often vanishes as quickly as they appeared. Rare 400
SWS-Cosmetic-MistralSquadron.png Mistral Squadron Classified missions and off-the-record assignments require descretion[sic] and trust, above all else. Rare 400
SWS-Cosmetic-NewRepublicDefenseFleet.png New Republic Defense Fleet The modern standard of the New Republic Navy. Epic 800
SWS-Cosmetic-CavernAngels.png Cavern Angels Not everyone in the Alliance agreed with Saw Gerrera, but few doubted his Partisan squadrons' skills in the skies above Jedha. Epic 800
SWS-Cosmetic-VarShaaHunter.png Var-Shaa Hunter The New Republic's victory at Var-Shaa came with heavy losses, but bold pilots managed to destroy a key Imperial dockyard.

X-wing exclusive.
Epic 800
SWS-Cosmetic-StarbirdSquadron.png Starbird Squadron General Syndulla's latest ships were inspired by Sabine Wren's legendary art. Epic 800

Complete story for X-wing skin.
SWS-Cosmetic-TyphoonSquadron.png Typhoon Squadron Not every mission is clean and simple. Sometimes you need specialists who aren't afraid of uncomfortable encounters with the Empire. Epic 800
SWS-Cosmetic-ConvoysCourage.png Convoy's Courage Renowned for a flawless flight record in medical and escort operations. Epic 800
SWS-Cosmetic-ChromiumFlash.png Chromium Flash Following the Operation: Cinder incident at Naboo, Queen Soruna made a generous donation to the New Republic. Legendary 1200
SWS-Cosmetic-LuminousBeing.png Luminous Being The best pilots mirror the galaxy they've sworn to protect. Legendary 1200
SWS-Cosmetic-Rustbucket.png Rustbucket Recovered from impossible depths, and still just as dangerous as it ever was. Legendary 1200
SWS-Cosmetic-PowerfulAlly.png Powerful Ally This starfighter has seen better days, but never underestimate anything based on appearance.

X-wing exclusive.
Legendary 1200


Name Description Rarity Cost
SWS-Cosmetic-VanguardSquadronDecals.png Vanguard Squadron Fearless to the finish, whenever that end may come. N/A 200 each
SWS-Cosmetic-StarbirdDecals.png Starbird Sabine Wren's stylized depiction of the mythical starbird later evolved into the Rebel Alliance's signature symbol of hope. N/A 200 each
SWS-Cosmetic-PhoenixDecals.png Phoenix An abstract representation of the mythological Phoenix, a creature reborn in the heart of a nova. N/A 200 each
SWS-Cosmetic-PartisansDecals.png Partisans Saw Gerrera may be gone, but the legacy of his dreamers lives on. N/A 200 each
SWS-Cosmetic-NewRepublicDecals.png New Republic Formerly the Rebel Alliance, the New Republic fights to end the Age of the Empire, and bring the galaxy into an era of peace, freedom, and hope. Common 200 each
SWS-Cosmetic-GalaxysHopeDecals.png Galaxy's Hope The elite pilots of the New Republic are an aspirational image to citizens of the galaxy. Common 200 each
SWS-Cosmetic-AlphabetSquadronDecals.png Alphabet Squadron Working under General Hera Syndulla, these renowned pilots hunt the Empire's notorious "Shadow Wing". Common 200 each
SWS-Cosmetic-MudhornDecals.png Mudhorn The symbol of a hard-headed beast, and a reminder that some dangers cannot be faced alone. Common 400 each


Name Description Rarity Cost
SWS-Cosmetic-DejarikPiece.png Dejarik Piece The Mantellian Savrip is undoubtedly the least powerful piece in the game of Dejarik. Its limited utility makes it an extremely situational piece, which can surprise opponents who leave it alone. Rare 400
SWS-Cosmetic-PilotPortrait.png Pilot Portrait An inspirational piece of art by Sabine Wren, honoring an iconic New Republic pilot who saved several lives during the Criigo insurrection. Rare 400
SWS-Cosmetic-Chopper.png Chopper General Syndulla's acerbic astromech, C1-10P, is a belligerent grump aboard the Nadiri dockyards. But he's foiled more Imperial plots than most. Epic 800
SWS-Cosmetic-Exogorth.png Exogorth Who in the galaxy doesn't admire giant space slugs that live in asteroids? From a distance, of course. Epic 800
SWS-Cosmetic-GalaxyMap.png Galaxy Map Not just a map, but a bright blue reminder of what exactly the New Republic fights to protect. Legendary 1200
SWS-Cosmetic-KowakianMonkeyLizard.png Kowakian Monkey Lizard For those who can't bear to be apart from their animals at home, holographic views of critters offers a comforting glimpse while out on missions. Legendary 1200
SWS-Cosmetic-Blurrg.png Blurrg The blurrg is a sensitive and noble creature, though many are put off by the name. And their appearance. And their smell.

Note: This hologram is animated.
Legendary 1200


Name Description Rarity Cost
SWS-Cosmetic-LukeSkywalkerFigurine.png Luke Skywalker Figurine Nothing motivates and inspires like the company of the pilot who destroyed the Death Star - even if he was hand-crafted with a pocket knife and paint. Rare 400
SWS-Cosmetic-PodracerToy.png Podracer Toy More than a few of the New Republic's finest pilots are podracing enthusiasts. Several decorate their cockpits with homemade versions of their favourite racers' pods. Rare 400
SWS-Cosmetic-TauntaunPlush.png Tauntaun Plush Without much use for starfighters in their secluded base, Echo Base pilots often patrolled on the backs of these friendly snow lizards. Rare 400
SWS-Cosmetic-TrainingRemoteReplica.png Training Remote Replica Traditionally used to train Jedi younglings, the New Republic used marksmanship training drones for officers in its army and navy. Some crafted replicas as mementos. Rare 400
SWS-Cosmetic-Miniature Sandcrawler.png Miniature Sandcrawler Cantankerous droid merchants on Tatooine include free items, typically made from junk stock, to clients paying for expensive astromechs. Epic 800
SWS-Cosmetic-MiniatureXwing.png Miniature X-wing Made from broken parts Zerelda Sage no longer needed, this custom-built X-wing statuette magnetizes to cockpit dashboards. Epic 800
SWS-Cosmetic-Porg.png Mysterious Adorable Bird The artist who carved this adorable figurine based it on a drawing they found in an ancient text. Legendary 1200
SWS-Cosmetic-HosnianKidFigurine.png Hosnian Kid Figurine When New Republic pilots left Hosnian Prime for war, a young Rodian handed out carvings of herself. "So that someday," she said, "when I fly beside you, you'll remember who I am." Legendary 1200
SWS-Cosmetic-Ewok.png Tuggtar Ewok Plush Tuggtar the Ewok earned the "TIE Killer" nickname by single-handedly sabotaging an entire Imperial landing platform. With this plush, Tuggtar can be part of TIE destruction across the galaxy. Legendary 1200
SWS-Cosmetic-Gonk.png GNK Power Droid Figurine Gonk. Gonk. Gonk.

Also unlocks for Imperial ships.
Legendary 1200
SWS-Cosmetic-MysteriousSpecies.png Mysterious Species Spacers often sell models of strange beings encountered on their travels. Some are terrifying or wondrous - others are simply a mystery. Legendary 1200

Hanging Flair[edit]

Name Description Rarity Cost
SWS-Cosmetic-MillenniumFalcon.png Carved Millenium Falcon Despite her shabby exterior, the Millennium Falcon played a role in some of the greatest victories of the Rebel Alliance and the New Republic. Rare 400
SWS-Cosmetic-FreshFlowers.png Fresh Flowers Freshen your cockpit with organic aromas, which mask a particular smell of oil, sweat, and old metal. Rare 400
SWS-Cosmetic-MedicalDroid.png Medical Droid Figurine It's not terribly useful, but some pilots find it reassuring all the same. Rare 400
SWS-Cosmetic-CraitCrystal.png Crait Crystal Bail Organa's hidden hideout on Crait is home to gorgeous crimson crystals beneath the planet's salted surface. This shard was recovered from a nasty crystalstorm. Epic 800
SWS-Cosmetic-LandspeederToy.png Landspeeder Toy Some pilots enjoy simple reminders of what's waiting for them when they get bakc home. Others just like looking at sleek automobiles wherever they fly. Epic 800
SWS-Cosmetic-Snowspeeder.png Hoth Snowspeeder Toy The Rebel Alliance was scrappy, fighting against an Empire with whatever it could. That spirit lives on in the New Republic. Epic 800
SWS-Cosmetic-DeathStar2.png Destroyed Death Star Ornament The Rebel Alliance's victory at the Battle of Endor was a transformative moment for the galaxy - and it's been captured in this custom-made decoration. Legendary 1200
SWS-Cosmetic-NabooFighter.png Naboo Starfighter Toy The star of several heroic tales across the galaxy, Naboo's N-1 starfighter has resisted droid armies, Empires, and usurpers. Legendary 1200
SWS-Cosmetic-RazorCrestGunship.png Razor Crest Gunship Both Imperial and New Republic pilots are wary of these pre-Empire military gunships, as their outdated design only makes them more unpredictable. Legendary 1200
SWS-Cosmetic-LifeDayOrb.png Life Day Orb Secure in a net woven from kshyyy-vine fibers, this gleaming Life Day orb allows pilots to celebrate the season wherever they fly. Legendary 1200