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The following cosmetic options are available for New Republic starfighters:

  • Paint job
  • Decal
  • Hologram (cockpit)
  • Dashboard (cockpit)
  • Hanging flair

Cockpit cosmetics are shared across all craft, but paint jobs and decals are not.

Paint Job[edit]

Name Description Rarity Glory
SWS-Cosmetic-SpaceSuperioritySeriesDefault.png Space Superiority Series Freshly manufactured by Sienar Fleet Systems and ready for deployment. Default 0
SWS-Cosmetic-SienarStandardGrey.png Sienar Standard (Grey) Sienar Fleet Systems' finest fighters are manufactured to help maintain security across the galaxy. Common 200
SWS-Cosmetic-SienarStandardBlue.png Sienar Standard (Blue) Sienar Fleet Systems' finest fighters are manufactured to help maintain security across the galaxy. Common 200
SWS-Cosmetic-AshenEnforcer.png Ashen Enforcer TIE Patrols along the Smuggler's Run intercept freighters suspected of carrying illicit cargo. Those who do not submit for boarding inspection are immediately obliterated. Rare 400
SWS-Cosmetic-AshenUnifyer.png Ashen Unifyer[sic] Laborers of the Outer Rim fear these distinct markings, a simple symbol of Imperial authority in trade sectors. Rare 400
SWS-Cosmetic-AshenAbsolution.png Ashen Absolution The only mercy the Empire offers its enemies is a swift death. Rare 400
SWS-Cosmetic-AshenPurifier.png Ashen Purifier By the Emperor's command, the galaxy will be scoured of insurrection. Rare 400
SWS-Cosmetic-AshenShepherd.png Ashen Shepherd Imperial convoys move prisoners, valuables, and secrets across the galaxy - and they are always protected. Rare 400
SWS-Cosmetic-AshenMonarch.png Ashen Monarch Only the most trusted of pilots are selected to escort high profile allies, aristocrats, and advisers. Rare 400
SWS-Cosmetic-AshenCardinal.png Ashen Cardinal Streaks of red strike fear into the victims of the 181st Fighter Wing. Other Imperial squadrons, inspired by the 181st, adopted a similar menace. Rare 400
SWS-Cosmetic-Suppressor.png Suppressor During the insurrection at Criigo, the Empire sent its most merciless squadrons at its disposal. Epic 800

Complete story for TIE Fighter skin.
SWS-Cosmetic-AcademyAceSeries.png Academy Ace Series Exceptional students of Imperial Academies are honored with distinct markings, indicating their superior piloting prowess. Epic 800
SWS-Cosmetic-EmperorsGuard.png Emperor's Guard Pilots rumored to have been selected by Emperor Palpatine are assigned to undisclosed locations on classified missions. Epic 800
SWS-Cosmetic-GhastlyRemnant.png Ghastly Remnant These ghosts of the galaxy's past are a frightful symbol of fear, death, and resurrection. Epic 800
SWS-Cosmetic-VarShaaSurvivor.png Var-Shaa Survivor After the fall of Var-Shaa, Imperial survivors regrouped and plotted their retaliation.

TIE Interceptor exclusive.
Epic 800
SWS-Cosmetic-TheGargoyle.png The Gargoyle Dark side legends tell of a shapeshifting Gargoyle, whose menacing form lines Coruscant skyscrapers and Imperial fighters alike. Epic 800
SWS-Cosmetic-Interstellar.png Interstellar Crisp lines and clean edges evoke the precision of Imperial star charts. Epic 800
SWS-Cosmetic-TheDragonsnake.png The Dragonsnake Forging durasteel and Nal Hutta Dragonsnake scales is not a simple process. Nor an entirely legal one. Legendary 1200
SWS-Cosmetic-Volcanic.png Volcanic An Imperial ship quite literally forged in the fires of Mustafar, following a volcanic eruption near the Corvax Fortress. Legendary 1200
SWS-Cosmetic-Radiance.png Radiance Imperial starfighters burn a tremendous amount of heat, inside and out. Legendary 1200
SWS-Cosmetic-Vandal.png Vandal The Empire will not let a simple act of Mandalorian vandalism keep its TIEs from destroying its enemies.

TIE Fighter exclusive.
Legendary 1200


Name Description Rarity Glory
SWS-Cosmetic-LordVaderDecal.png Lord Vader Honoring the Empire's finest pilot, and the Emperor's most trusted enforcer. Common 200 each
SWS-Cosmetic-StormtrooperDecal.png Imperial Stormtrooper Honoring the infantry fighting for order on the ground below, while TIE pilots protect the galaxy from the stars. Common 200 each
SWS-Cosmetic-SkystrikeAcademyDecal.png Skystrike Academy Only the Empire's elite pilot candidates qualify to fly at Skystrike Academy. Common 200 each
SWS-Cosmetic-SithEternalDecal.png Sith Eternal Devotees of the Dark Side work in secret to resurrect the one true power in the galaxy. Common 200 each
SWS-Cosmetic-RancorDecal.png Rancor The only thing more fearsome than coming face to face with a crash of Rancors is taking on a squadron of Imperial aces. Common 200 each
SWS-Cosmetic-TheHuttCartel.png The Hutt Cartel In exchange for resources and information, the Empire allows the Hutt families to thrive under its rule. Common 200 each
SWS-Cosmetic-GalacticEmpireDecal.png Galactic Empire Glory to the Galactic Empire, long may it reign. Common 200 each
SWS-Cosmetic-CrimsonDawnDecal.png Crimson Dawn The Empire turns a blind eye to the Crimson Dawn criminal long as portions of their plunder end up in Imperial hands. Common 200 each
SWS-Cosmetic-Mythosaur.png Mythosaur Ancient Mandalorian allegedly tamed the Mythosaur - if it ever truly existed at all. Common 400 each


Name Description Rarity Glory
SWS-Cosmetic-ISDChimarea.png ISD Chimaera Grand Admiral Thrawn may be missing, but his legacy remains. Rare 400
SWS-Cosmetic-SpecialForcesPilot.png Special Forces Pilot Commander Gideon Hask stands triumphantly as a testament to the power of loyalty to the Empire. Rare 400
SWS-Cosmetic-KillTally.png Kill Tally Every Imperial pilot remembers the kills earned during their first battle. Epic 800
SWS-Cosmetic-TIEFighterBlueprint.png TIE Fighter Blueprint Blueprint readouts and diagnostics keep every faithful Imperial pilot aware of what it takes to keep a TIE flying. Epic 800
SWS-Cosmetic-LordVader.png Lord Vader The Emperor's enforcer was a truly gifted pilot. Strike fear into your own heart with this always-on effigy of the Empire's most fearsome agent. Legendary 1200
SWS-Cosmetic-DeathStar2Holo.png Death Star II Never forget who we lost at Endor. Legendary 1200
SWS-Cosmetic-Bounty.png Bounty Tracking their targets with bounty pucks, the Bounty Hunters' Guild will bring in any galactic criminal, from assassins to zucca smugglers.

Note: This item is animated. The headshot slowly spins.
Legendary 1200


Name Description Rarity Glory
SWS-Cosmetic-CarbonizedKouhun.png Carbonized Kouhun There's only one way to deal with creatures attempting to eat through Imperial armor. Rare 400
SWS-Cosmetic-DroidHead.png Droid Head Droids. Good for translating and not much else. When Imperials find droids operating outside protocol, they offer immediate reconstruction. Rare 400
SWS-Cosmetic-HoundSkull.png Hound Skull Corellian hounds are notoriously difficult to tame. For some. Epic 800
SWS-Cosmetic-MouseDroidReplica.png Mouse Droid Replica As your Imperial starfighter soars into battle, bring another piece of the Empire with you. Epic 800
SWS-Cosmetic-GNKPowerDroid.png GNK Power Droid Figurine Gonk. Gonk. Gonk.

Also unlocks for New Republic ships.
Legendary 1200
SWS-Cosmetic-LordVaderStatuette.png Lord Vader Statuette Never forget the commander of the 501st Legion, who served the Emperor better than anyone else. Legendary 1200
SWS-Cosmetic-MedalOfTheEmperorsFist.png Medal of the Emperor's Fist A rare honor awarded to pilots enforcing and achieving peace in the most chaotic corners of the galaxy. Legendary 1200
SWS-Cosmetic-TIEPilot.png TIE Pilot It's vital that all Imperial pilots keep their squadron at the front of their mind. All TIE pilots rely on and inspire each other. Legendary 1200
SWS-Cosmetic-IGSeries.png IG Series Assassin Droid Targets of IG-series droids have tried everything from body doubles to molten lava to escape them. Few are successful.

Note: This item is animated and rotates on its base.
Legendary 1200

Hanging Flair[edit]

Name Description Rarity Glory
SWS-Cosmetic-CrystalCharm.png Crystal Charm Superstitions say those who hold a tuft of crystals earns health and riches - but shattering even one shard promises a lifetime of misfortune. Rare 400
SWS-Cosmetic-ImperialIDBadge.png Imperial ID Badge Enlisting in the Empire earns every pilot a unique ID badge, which stores data of their flight records and other information for intelligence officers. Rare 400
SWS-Cosmetic-MiniatureInterrogationDroid.png Miniature Interrogation Droid The Empire always gets answers. Rare 400
SWS-Cosmetic-KraytDragonTooth.png Krayt Dragon Tooth Acquired on a remote planet in the Outer Rim, this pendant does not align with Imperial protocol. Pilots flaunting their bloodlust may only do so from the privacy of their cockpit. Epic 800
SWS-Cosmetic-MiniLambda.png Miniature Officer's Shuttle Crucial Imperial leaders navigate the galaxy in armored transport vessels. The mere sight of these shuttles instills fear in those who resist the Empire - and some Imperials, as well. Legendary 1200
SWS-Cosmetic-MiniISD.png Miniature Star Destroyer The greatest symbol of Imperial strength, dominance, and authority. Legendary 1200
SWS-Cosmetic-StormtrooperHelmet.png Stormtrooper Helmet When flying among the stars, don't forget who else is enforcing the Emperor's will across the galaxy. Legendary 1200
SWS-Cosmetic-MiniatureATST.png Ministure Scout Walker While TIE pilots protect planets from above, AT-STs maintain order below. Epic 800
SWS-Cosmetic-MiniatureRancor.png Miniature Rancor Rancors are vicious, violent killers...not unlike Imperial TIE pilots. Epic 800
SWS-Cosmetic-BeskarIngot.png Beskar Ingot Beskar, or Mandalorian steel, is one of the strongest metals in the galaxy. Even if your ship was destroyed, this beskar ingot would survive. Legendary 1200
SWS-Cosmetic-Wampa.png Wampa Found in a Rebel guard post after the Battle of Hoth, this whittled figure was a reminder to rookies of the dangers that lurk in the snow. Legendary 1200