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MS Demon Avenger art.png
  • Race: Resistance
  • Class: Warrior
  • Maximum level: 250
  • Primary Stat: HP
  • Weapons: Desperados (Primary), Force Shields (Secondary)

Demon Avenger is a branch off the Demon Slayer class and was released in the Unlimited update

Demon Avengers use Desperados as their primary weapon, unlike Demon Slayers which utilize one handed blunt weapons and one handed axes. They also use Force Shields as their secondary weapon, but do not have Demon Fury. Instead, Demon Avengers use HP as their main stat.

Demon starts in the Temple of Time, at the past. He was a general, supporting and staying loyal to the Black Mage. But one day in a conference, the generals discuss attacking all of Leafre, including the southern part of Leafre, the place where Demon's family resided, and where the Black Mage promised he would not invade. Demon quickly leaves the conference and heads to Leafre, only to see the area obliterated, and his family murdered. Being betrayed by his own allies, Demon, enraged, decides to confront the Black Mage. After meeting Mastema (loyal to Demon Slayer), and Arkarium (another general), Demon battles the Black Mage, only to be sealed in an egg. Many years later, Demon "hatches" from the egg, only to see that the Black Wing has utilized a mechanism to drain the power of the egg, thus lowering the Demon Slayer's level to 10. After slaying the two Black Wing members in his proximity, he faints, where Agent J (of the Resistance) takes the Demon to the Resistance Base. Starting from here, you can become either a Demon Slayer or a Demon Avenger.

First job advancement[edit]

Second job advancement[edit]

Third job advancement[edit]