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Root Abyss was released in GMS on January 15th, 2013. Players over level 100 receive a lightbulb notification for the starting quest.

MS Mob Icon Von Bon.pngVon Bon[edit]

Von Bon.

The rooster/chicken guy. There is a timer for this fight. If it reaches zero your party will die.


Make him walk towards the clocks he drops. When they have black dials, they increase your time. When they have white dials, your time decreases (which is bad). Make sure to have a ton of Ginger potions to keep your HP high or full. His 'energy balls' seem to do 80% damage, and he does have a move that instantly kills you when he jumps up after blinking and smacks the floor down. Keep your HP as full as possible.

  • Stay away from the white clocks as they reduce the timer, go in the black clocks as they extended the timer
  • Dodge his projectile attack by jumping it, or else it'll kill you.
  • Just dodge as much of his moves in general, they hit % HP and ignore guards and avoid.

MS Mob Icon Crimson Queen.pngCrimson Queen[edit]

Default face.
Alluring Mirror. Destroy it quickly!

The Crimson Queen fight is simple, but it is very easy to die. The mechanic here is that she has multiple faces that indicate her behavior and what you need to do to counter her:

  • All faces: she'll do a melee range claw swipe that will inflict a certain status effect depending on which face. You can stay behind her or at a distance to avoid these attacks.
  • Default (angry) face (avoid and attack): charges up a purple breath attack for about 2-3 seconds that will instantly kill you. It has a really long range. You must avoid it by going behind her. The trick here is to stay out of melee range, but don't stay too far away or she'll trap you in a corner.
  • Winking face (avoid her and destroy mirror): she'll seduce someone into running into her mirror. If you don't break the mirror quickly, the seduced person will instantly die and she will be healed back to full hp.
  • Smiling face (avoid and attack): she'll summon purple holes that will continuously suck you in and do damage.
  • Bleeding tears face (do not attack): she'll summon a red shield around herself. Any damage dealt to her at this time will be reflected back until the red shield goes away.
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MS Mob Icon Pierre.pngMS Mob Icon Red Pierre.pngMS Mob Icon Blue Pierre.pngPierre[edit]

Pierre, purple/normal.

For Pierre the clown, do not attack him if the crown on your head matches his (otherwise he will be healed). When he is spamming the fire move, the person that is targeted should move away. Everyone else that does not have the same crown as Pierre should attack. You do full damage while he is doing this fire attack. When he blinks and disappears for a second, keep jumping away from him or he will use a hammer-like attack that will kill you instantly.

Two person strategy (duo)

Teamwork here is essential, otherwise you will make the fight very hard.

  • When you see a glowing thing on the floor, move away from it, as it will drop a hat on you and prevent you from moving.
  • If caught in a falling hat, press left and right arrow keys quickly to break free.
  • Pierre changes into three colors: blue, purple, and red. Important: pay attention to this as you and your partner will get equipped with a random hat on your head. If your hat is the same color as Pierre's clothes, stop attacking him, otherwise every hit will heal him. Only the player with a different color hat can hurt him.
  • In his purple (normal) form he, his attacks are dodgeable.
  • In his red form, he will disappear and attack with a sneak attack. Keep moving after he disappears or else he'll attack you if you stand in the same spot and instantly kill you.
  • In his blue form: he will spin and chase after people. If you get hit you will be sealed. You can hurt him while he's spinning, so you have to attack while on the move.

MS Mob Icon Vellum.pngVellum[edit]

Vellum in fireball stance (~80% HP and below).

Vellum, the giant worm/snake is straightforward. Watch the floor and try to get him down to around 80% HP. After that he starts throwing fireballs. That's when you strike him down. Try to time it so you don't get knocked back onto a fireball, since the fireball will instantly kill you. Classes that don't have a flash jump/double jump skill, such as a Buccaneer, may have a little more trouble here when trying to dodge attacks. Vellum usually pops in and out about two times, and then the third time he rises from the ground he starts spamming fireballs. Rinse and repeat.

At 80%

When Vellum reaches this point he will rise out of the ground to his full height and pause for a moment before attacking. He may cause rocks to drop from the ceiling, with gaps in between that you can dodge. However, it is better to get hit by the rocks and run for safety than to wait in-between because he will launch a fireball soonafter. He usually attacks close to him, then further away, and then finally shoots a third fireball a bit off screen. Try to stay behind him. When he rises out of the ground it causes knockback, so if he is facing you after you get knocked back, try to run away. After each explosion, if you're fast enough, you can run back towards him to avoid the other fireballs that fly further away.